(Old English: -leas, from leas, "free from, devoid of, false, feigned"; suffix meaning "lacking")

artless (adjective)
1. Lacking skill, knowledge, or elegance.
2. Poorly made or done; crude.
3. Having or displaying no guile, cunning, or deceit.
4. Free of artificiality; natural.
avoidless (adjective); more avoidless, most avoidless
1. Descriptive of being inevitable or impossible to prevent or to stop.
2. Characteristic of something that occurs or appears whether anyone likes it or not
1. Uninterrupted in time and indefinitely continuing over a long period without a pause or an end.
2. Without stopping or pausing; unending; incessant.
charmless (adjective), more charmless, most charmless
Without attractive features or qualities: Mark's son gave his father's visitors a charmless, or unfriendly look, and then he ran outside to play with his friend next door.
compassionless (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to an individual who has or shows no sympathy or pity; cold-hearted: The couple didn't realize that their marriage became progressively compassionless and without love after spending almost 20 years together.
contactless-smart card (s) (noun), contactless-smart cards (pl)
1. An awkward name for a credit card or loyalty card that contains an RFID chip to transmit information to a reader without having to be swiped through a reader. Such cards can speed checkout; therefore, providing consumers with more convenience.
2. An identification card that contains an RFID chip to transmit information to a reader without having to be swiped through a reader.
corruptless (adjective)
Not susceptible to corruption or decay; incorruptible.
costless (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to something which requires no payment; complimentary: The tickets to the concert were costless or free!
cureless (adjective), more cureless, most cureless
dauntless (adjective), more dauntless, most dauntless
1. Invulnerable to fear or intimidation or incapable of being discouraged by threats: The comic book hero was the most dauntless and brave character ever to be imagined.

The dauntless soldier received a great deal of praise from his comrades for saving them from death after they had run out of ammunition and he had returned with a new supply of bullets, despite the dangers he had to face as he went back to them.
2. Unlikely or unable to be frightened or to be discouraged; not afraid: Carol's small but dauntless cat braved going out into the hall where she encountered the large cat which lived down the hall.

Bold, fearless, and persistent.
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Valiant, without fear, and brave.
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