(Old English: -leas, from leas, "free from, devoid of, false, feigned"; suffix meaning "lacking")

A reference to things that we should use less.
Having no value; worthless.
victimless (adjective)
1. Lacking an injured individual; such as, certain crimes.
2. A reference to a crime in which there is no injured party; for example, there are people who believe that gambling and prostitution are victimless crimes: "In a victimless crime, no one suffers directly, sometimes because the people affected by the crime have agreed to take part in it."
1. Without food supplies; lacking provisions.
2. Lacking food or provisions for human beings.
1. Having no view; such as, a viewless window.
2. Not having or expressing opinions or views.
3. That which is not perceivable with the eyes; invisible.
vigorless (adjective), more vigorless, most vigorless
Feeble and without energy or strength: "Henry made vigorless efforts to get up and go out to clean up his yard."
1. Destitute of efficacy or excellence; ineffective, worthless.
2. Destitute of virtue or moral goodness; immoral, vicious.
1. Lacking the faculty of sight; being blind.
2. Without intelligent foresight or imagination; uninspired: "Our government seems to be full of visionless bureaucrats."
3. Destitute of vision; sightless.
vizorless, visorless
1. Being without a visor or having no device that protects the eyes; for example, not having a shade to protect them from the sun or other bright light or protecting the eyes from objects.
2. Not having a protecting piece on a cap or helmet which would shield the eyes and face if it existed.
wineless (adjective) (no comparative)
Being without an alcoholic drink that is produced by the fermenting of grapes with water and sugar.
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