(Old English: -leas, from leas, "free from, devoid of, false, feigned"; suffix meaning "lacking")

Without renown; infamous, inglorious.
resistless (adjective); more resistless, most resistless
1. Pertaining to something or someone that is supine or lacking in energy: Jim was totally resistless and indifferent regarding their plans for vacation, so Nancy made the decision herself.
2. Concerning something which is overpowering: June was completely resistless when it came to eating ice cream and she just could't pass by an ice cream parlor without stopping and having some!
resourceless (adjective) (not comparable)
Regarding the lack of certain supplies, substances, or qualities: Some foods and drinks that are resourceless and have a deficiency in nutrition are soft drinks, alcohol, fast food, candies, cakes, and donuts.
responseless (adjective), more responseless, most responseless
Characterized by a lack of reply to a comment or feedback to a question, query, or situation: The responseless audience, gathered in the town square, was worrisome to the authorities who had been expecting a riot as the result of  the new edicts.
restful, restive, restless
restful (REST fuhl) (adjective)
Characterizing a place which is calm or quiet: The cottage by the lake is a very restful place to spend the summer holidays.
restive (RES tiv) (adjective)
Fidgety; descriptive of a person who moves around excessively: When he felt restive, Sean would walk around in his office in a nervous or stressful manner.
restless (REST lis) (adjective)
1. Descriptive of someone who is lacking a peace of mind: Lorna's restless mind was always thinking of new plots for her series of novels.
2. Unhappy about a situation and wanting changes: The president of the university realized that the students were restless when they organized protest marches.
3. Relating to the condition of having little or no relaxation or sleep: Cassie spent a restless night because of the strong winds and thunder storms.

Having been restive all week long and feeling restless, Maggie was glad for the opportunity to go to the cottage where it is always quiet and restful.

1. Without a review or critique.
2. Not reviewed, not discussed, and unconsidered.
1. Lacking taste or flavor or tang.
2. Destitute of smell or taste; insipid.
scentless (adjective), more scentless, most scentless
Referring to the lack of a particular or distinctive odor: Carol prefers to use scentless lotion on her hands so neither she nor anyone else is aware of it.
Being without a moral principle that prevents a person from doing something that is considered to be bad or immoral.
senseless (adjective), more senseless, most senseless
1. Descriptive of a condition in which someone is unaware of what is going on; referring to a meaningless situation: The city has been experiencing too many senseless acts of violence by criminal gangs.
2. Pertaining to a condition of a person who has been hurt badly and is unconscious: Gertrude was in a senseless condition when she slipped and hit her head against the door frame of her bedroom.
3. Referring to something that is foolish or stupid: Martin was accused of making a senseless decision to buy such an expensive car.
spineless (adjective); more spineless, most spineless
1. Referring to something without a backbone; invertebrate; without spurs, spikes or quills: The Garo spineless eel and the spineless forest lizard are examples of two spineless creatures!
2. Concerning a person who is weak in courage, willpower, energy, or vigour: Janet grew up with a mother who was quite dominant and a father who was spineless and accepted everything his wife wanted to be done.
stateless (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to a person who has no nationality; not a citizen of any nation: Lynn was a stateless individual for two weeks having renounced her citizenship in one country and waiting for the acceptance of legal status in the new country.
tasteless (adjective)
unmerciless (adjective), more unmerciless, most unmerciless
Pertaining to someone who is utterly hard, heartless, and unforgiving: Sam was unmerciless in trying to kill the mosquito that was bothering him with its high-pitched whining sound while he was striving to sleep.