(Old English: -leas, from leas, "free from, devoid of, false, feigned"; suffix meaning "lacking")

Having no smell that is strong enough to be detected, or perceived, by the human nose.
orderless (adjective), more orderless, most orderless
A reference to being without rule, method, or proper arrangement: The crowd at the dog races appeared to be orderless, surging back and forth on the grass, trying to watch them run around the track.
painless (adjective), more painles, most painles
1. Regarding something that is without agony or trouble: The elderly Mrs. Jackson died in a quick and painless way without suffering at all.
2. Concerning something that is easy or not difficult: Frank's mother told him that there was no painless way to get around doing his homework for the next day!
passionless (adjective), more passionless, most passionless
Descriptive of that which is unemotional; without feeling; withdrawn: The newspaper review of the concert described it as being quite passionless and boring.
peerless (adjective), more peerless, most peerless
1. Eminent beyond or above comparison: Professor Karl Monroe is a peerless anthropologist who is not only a professor at a university, but also, a scholar who travels to Africa very often to learn more about the cultures of the various native groups who live there.
2. So good as to have no equal: Monroe was a peerless athlete at his university which made it easy for him to become a professional football player.
3. Etymology: from Latin parare, "to make equal"; from par, "equal"
Matchless, superb, or unrivaled.
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powerless (adjective), more powerless, most powerless
Concerning the lack strength or effectiveness; helpless: Sally was quite powerless in teaching her cat to jump or sit on command!
pulseless electrical activity, PEA; electromechanical dissociation
Continued electrical rhythmicity of the heart in the absence of effective mechanical function.

It might be caused by the uncoupling of ventricular muscle contraction from electrical activity or it might be a result of cardiac damage with respiratory failure and cessation of cardiac venous return.

purposeless hyperactivity (s) (noun), purposeless hyperactivities (pl)
Random excess motion and exertion that fulfills no intention: In an organic brain disease, stimulation sufficient to produce any response typically provokes purposeless hyperactivity in addition to the appropriate response.
relentless (adjective), more relentless, most relentless
1. A description of of something or someone that is unremitting; continuous; never slackening, but continuing always at the same intense, demanding, or punishing level: The politician was a relentless opponent of raising taxes for the citizens of his country.

Jill is a relentless actress in pursuit of fame and fortune.

The strong wind blowing from the East was persistent and relentless, and lasted for many days.
2. A reference to a persistently hostile person, action, situation, element, etc. that is pursuing, attacking, or opposing someone or something without mercy: Sam's neighbor was a relentless hunter of wild animals.

The desert has a relentless heat and dryness for those who live there and people who travel there on a temporary visit.

3. Etymology: from Latin re-, "again" + lentus, "slow."
A persistent distress forced on people.
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reliefless (adjective), more reliefless, most reliefless
1. Being without aid for the aged, indigent, or handicapped: Sam has been a reliefless person for many years while others have been supported by the benefits of others.
2. Not having any reduction of torment or the effects of an illness: The medication left Hank a reliefless patient which means that he continued to suffer despite the pain killers.
remorseless, remorselessness
1. Having no pity or compassion; merciless.
2. Unyielding; relentless.
3. Continuing without lessening in strength or intensity.