biblio-, bibli-, bibl-, biblico-

(Greek: book, books)

Books from the past to the present.
bibliotaph (s) (noun), bibliotaphs (pl)
Someone who "buries", or hides and hoards, books by keeping them under lock and key.
bibliotaphic (adjective), more bibliotaphic, most bibliotaphic
A reference to the actions of "burying" or hiding and hoarding books by keeping them under lock and key.
bibliotaphist (s) (noun), bibliotaphists (pl)
Someone who keeps books under lock and key; that is "buried" and away from other people.
bibliotaphy (s) (noun), bibliotaphies (pl)
The hoarding or hiding of books, often under lock and key.
bibliothec (s) (noun), bibliothecs (pl)
A professional person trained in library science and engaged in library services.
bibliotheca (s) (noun), bibliothecas (pl)
1. A collection of books or treatises, a library.
2. A bibliographer’s catalog.
3. A catalog of books.
4. The Scriptures, the Bible.
bibliothecal (adjective) (not comparative)
A reference to books belonging to a library.
bibliothecarial (adjective), more bibliothecarial, most bibliothecarial
bibliothecarian (s) (noun), bibliothecarians (pl)
A librarian.
bibliothecary (s) (noun), bibliothecaries (pl)
1. A library.
2. Of or belonging to a library or a librarian.
bibliotherapeutic (adjective), more bibliotherapeutic, most bibliotherapeutic
bibliotherapeutics (pl) (noun) (a plural used as a singular)
bibliotherapist (s) (noun), bibliotherapists (pl)
1. One who uses books as a means of treating certain kinds of illnesses.
2. A medic who utilizes reading as part of his/her treatment.
bibliotherapy (s) (noun), bibliotherapies (pl)
A nonphysical, psychological technique in which the patient is induced to read books which is used in treating mental illness: "The reading matter recommended must be selected individually for the specific patient, depending on the goals of bibliotherapy, the intellectual capacities of the patient, and his/her stage of achievement in bibliotherapy."

"The use of reading material in bibliotherapy is also utilized for nervous diseases."

bibliothetic (adjective), more bibliothetic, most bibliothetic
Relating to the placing and arrangement of books on the shelves of a library.

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