biblio-, bibli-, bibl-, biblico-

(Greek: book, books)

Books from the past to the present.
bibliofilm (s) (noun), bibliofilms (pl)
A microfilm used especially in libraries to photograph the pages of valuable or much-used books.
bibliogenesis (s) (noun), bibliogeneses (pl)
The art of producing and publishing books.

Sometimes it takes the publishing industry so long to produce books that it's no wonder so many are posthumous.

—Teressa Skelton
bibliogenetic (adjective), more bibliogenetic, most bibliogenetic
bibliognost (s) (noun), bibliognosts (pl)
Someone who knows about books and bibliography; one knowing title pages, colophons, editions, dates and place printed, printers and all the minutiae of books
bibliognostic (adjective), more bibliognostic, most bibliognostic
bibliogony (s) (noun), bibliogonies (pl)
The art of producing and publishing books.
bibliograph (s) (noun), bibliographs (pl)
The printing or publications of books.
bibliographer (s) (noun), bibliographers (pl)
Anyone who writes about books, describing their authorships and their printings, publications, etc.
bibliographic (adjective), more bibliographic, most bibliographic
1. A descriptive term for a list of books and articles consulted, appearing at the end of a book or other text.
2. Referring to a list of books and articles on a particular subject.
3. A reference to the process of organizing the history of books and other publications, and the work of classifying and describing them.

The covers of this book are too far apart.

—Ambrose Bierce
bibliographical (adjective), more bibliographical, most bibliographical
Of, relating to, or dealing with the systematic description and history of books, their authorships, publications, editions, physical descriptions, etc.

The worst thing about new books is that they keep us from reading the old ones.

—Joseph Joubert
bibliography (s) (noun), bibliographies (pl)
1. The systematic description and history of books, their authorship, printing, publication, editions, physical description, etc.
2. A list of the books of a particular author, printer, or country, or of those dealing with any particular theme; the literature of a subject.
3. A list of source materials used or consulted in the preparation of a written work or referred to in the text.
To read without reflecting is like eating without digesting.
—Edmund Burke
biblioklept, biblioclept (s) (noun); biblioklepts, biblioclepts (pl)
A book thief or someone who steals books: Besides the direct biblioklept there is the indirect thief who borrows and never returns books to their proper owners (including a library).

Pointing to a page about a kleptomaniac Here is a news article about a bibliokleptomaniac.

bibliokleptomania, bibliocleptomania (s) (noun); bibliokleptomanias, bibliocleptomanias (pl)
1. A morbid tendency or compulsion to steal and to possess books.
2. A book thief who is regarded as someone who has a mental problem.
Stealing books from the library
Reading stolen books at home.
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A "private collector" acquires additional books for his personal library.

Pointing to a page about a kleptomaniac See another bibliokleptomaniac who was in the news.

bibliokleptomaniac (s) (noun), bibliokleptomaniacs (pl)
1. A book thief who is often regarded as being insane.
2. Someone who has an uncontrollable or a compulsive desire to steal and possess books.
bibliolater (s) (noun), bibliolaters (pl)
1. Someone who has an excessive admiration or reverence for a book or books.
2. Anyone who worships the Book (Bible).
3. A book worshiper; an intense bookworm.

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