biblio-, bibli-, bibl-, biblico-

(Greek: book, books)

Books from the past to the present.
bibliophilistic (adjective), more bibliophilistic, most bibliophilistic
Relating to a person who loves books: Mary's neighbor was thought to be bibliophilistic because she had a very large library with hundreds of very interesting books, and some of them were extremely old!
bibliophily (s) (noun), bibliophilies (pl)
A love of books or a strong desire for books; bibliophilia: Jane was seemingly devoted to bibliophilia, and sipped a glass of fine wine while reading, and went to concerts with classical music.
bibliophobe (s) (noun), bibliophobes (pl)
Someone who has a dread or hatred of books; an abnormal dislike of books.
bibliophobia (s) (noun), bibliophobias (pl)
An excessive fear, or dread, of books either because of the embarrassment of one's illiteracy or because he or she thinks publications are too influential in making people go in the directions as indicated by the authors: Some adults have bibliophobias because they can't hold down a job or can't perform other daily tasks which involve a great deal of reading.
bibliopoesy (s) (noun), bibliopoesies (pl)
The making of books.
bibliopolar (s) (noun), bibliopolars (pl)
Referring to, or belonging to, booksellers; especially, antiquarian booksellers.
bibliopole (s) (noun), bibliopoles (pl)
A dealer of books, a bookseller; especially one who deals in secondhand and rare books; including the antiquarian bookseller.
bibliopolery (s) (noun), bibliopoleries (pl)
The selling of books, book selling.
bibliopolic (adjective) (no comparatives)
Of, relating to, or pertaining to the sale of books.
bibliopolical (noun), more bibliopolical, most bibliopolical
bibliopolism (s) (noun), bibliopolisms (pl)
The principles or trade of book selling.
bibliopolist (s) (noun), bibliopolists (pl)
Someone who sells books; a book seller.
bibliopoly (s) (noun), bibliopolies (pl)
The selling of books.
bibliosoph (s) (noun), bibliosophs (pl)
Someone who knows about books.
bibliosophia (s) (noun), bibliosophias (pl)
An appetite for collecting books, but not necessarily with any intention of reading them.

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