biblio-, bibli-, bibl-, biblico-

(Greek: book, books)

Books from the past to the present.
biblion (s) (noun), biblia (pl)
Book, books.
Books are ships which pass through the vast seas of time.
—Francis Bacon
bibliopegia (s) (noun), bibliopegias (pl)
Bookbinding as a fine art.
bibliopegic (adjective), more bibliopegic, most bibliopegic
Of or pertaining to bookbinding.
bibliopegist (s) (noun), bibliopegists (pl)
A bookbinder.
bibliopegy (s) (noun), bibliopegies (pl)
1. Bookbinding as a fine art.
2. The art of binding books.
bibliophage (noun), bibliophages (pl)
1. Someone who devours books or who reads with a great deal of interest; a "bookworm": There are those who are such eager and fervent readers that they are known as bibliophages who read beyond what is considered to be normal for such an activity.

Karl was a genuine bibliophage who would read for hours instead of watching TV or doing any other non-essential activities.

2. A parasite, often referred to as a bookworm, which destroys books by eating into the pages: Some books have been around for so many years that they show where bibliophages, or worms, have actually eaten holes in them.
3. Etymology: literally, a bookeater; from Greek biblion, "book" + Greek, phagia, from phagein, "to eat".
An ardent reader of books.
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bibliophagia (s) (noun), bibliophagias (pl)
The consumption of books by eating the pages.

This abnormal desire refers to humans, and not to "book worms" as shown in the illustration!

A worm is eating in a book.
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bibliophagic (adjective), more bibliophagic, most bibliophagic
A reference to the devouring of books, either by reading them, collecting them, or by actual consumption as by lice, worms, etc.: "Bibliophiles or bibliomaniacs are considered one kind of bibliophagic consumers."
bibliophagist (s) (noun), bibliophagists (pl)
Someone who devours (ardently reads) books.
bibliophagous (adjective), more bibliophagous, most bibliophagous
bibliophagy (s) (noun), bibliophagies (pl)
The consumption of, or the figurative devouring of books.
bibliophile, bibliophil (s) (noun); bibliophiles, bibliophils (pl)
1. A lover of books; a book fancier: Ted's elderly aunt introduced him to the joys of being a bibliophile by giving him a job in a library.
2. Someone who loves books, especially a collector interested in beautiful or rare bindings, formats, etc.: When Mary, a well-known bibliophile died, she gave her entire library of rare publications to the local university.
A person who loves books more than television.
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Someone who loves books more than a romantic evening.
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bibliophilic (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to the love of books: Jack had quite a pleasure in reading books and acquired a large collection, so he had to have more bookshelves in his librafy for his bibliophilic hobby.
bibliophilism (s) (noun) (usually not a plural)
The principles and practice of a lover of or a fondness for books.
bibliophilist (s) (noun), bibliophilists (pl)
Someone who loves books or who has a very great fondness for reading and collecting them: Virginia's parents could be considered to have been bibliophilists and had to provide more bookshelves for the ones they liked, even for old dictionaries in antique stores!

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