leuko-, leuk-, -leukemia; alternate spellings: leuco-, leuc-, -leucemia

(Greek: leukos, white; the primary meaning now is the color "white"; but it also includes the meanings of "light, clear, bright")

leukemogenesis (s) (noun), leukemogeneses (pl)
The development of leukaemia; leucaemogenesis: In medical school Susan learned about the process of leukemogenesis involving the induction and growth of leukaemia in marrow of bones,
leukemogenic, leucaemogenic (adjective); more leukemogenic, most leukemogenic; more leucaemogenic, most leucaemogenic
Concerning something that is disposed to cause blood cancer: There are various leukemogenic factors, like genetic and environmental ones, that can induce leukaemia, like smoking.
leukemoid (adjective) (not comparable)
Referring to something resembling leukaemia, but isn't: Stress, or an infection can cause a leukemoid condition which is not of a malignant character.
leukoagglutinin, leucoagglutinin (s) (noun); leukoagglutinins; leucoagglutinins (pl)
An antibody that agglutinates white blood cells: A leukoagglutinin is an antigenic glycoprotein that brings about the clumping of white blood cells.
leukocide, leucocide (s) (noun); leukocides; leucocides (pl)
The elimination of leukocytes: Leukocites, or white blood corpuscles, have ve short lives, and leukocide occurs when they commit programmed cell deaths, or apoptosis. .The killing of leukocytes (white blood corpuscles).
leukocyte (s) (noun), leukocytes (pl)
One of the many tiny colourless cells in the lymph, tissues, and blood: Leukocytes are very important in protecting the body against infections constaining granular types (like neutrophils) and nongranular types (like as lymphocytes).
leukocytology (s) (noun) (no pl)=
Outdated, the study of leukocytes and diseases: haematology-oncology: In medical school, Sam decided to specialize in leukocytology and learn more about diseases, including cancer, and the medical care involved in such cases.
leukocytopenia, leukopenia (s) (noun); leukocytopenias; leukopenia (pl)
An abnormal lowering of the white blood cell count: In medical school, David learned about leukocytopenia as being nn excessive reduction in the number of white blood cells.

Leukocytopenia is the antithesis of leukocytosis and is any situation in which the total number of leukocytes in circulating blood that is less than normal.

leukocytophagy (s) (noun) (no pl)
The phagocytosis of leukocytes by cells of the monocyte-macrophage system: Jane read about leukocytophagy as referring to white blood cells of the immune system, (like a neutrophil) that eats and destroys viruses and bacteria, for example.
leukocytotherapy (s) (noun), leukocytotherapies (pl)
A treatment involving different cells in cell-mediated immunity: Jane learned that there was a type of medical care, called leukocytotherapy, when there was a disorder or disease of the white blood cells in a person's body.
leukocytotoxin (s) (noun), leukocytotoxins (pl)
A matter that induces or effects the death of leukocytes or their deterioration, including leukocidin and leukolysin: There are some leukocytotoxins that attack and kill white blood cells, and among them are certain chemical drugs and any staphylococcal, streptococcal, or exotoxin. .
leukoderma (s) (noun), leukoderma (pl)
A localized sking disorder in which the pigmentation has disappeared: Elaine wondered why there was a white spot on her hand, and after the dermatologist examined the area, she was told that she had a case of leukoderma.
leukodermatous (adjective), more leukodermatous, most leukodermatous
Descriptive of a disorder of the skin which has lost its pigmentation: After inspecting the leukodermatous area on Jim's arm, he was told that that was acquired and not harmful at all.
leukodermia, leucodermia (s) (noun); leukodermias; leucodermias (pl)
In pathology, an unusual lack of pigmentation in the skin; leucoderma; leukoderma; leukodermia: In her office, Dr. Dark had many paitents with conditions of leukodermia in which the skin had white areas instead of being pigmented like the rest of their bodies.
leukodermic (adjective), more leukodermic, most leukodermic
Descriptive of a disorder of smooth patches of white skin on different parts of the body; leucodermal: Susan's mother noticed different leukodermic areas on her daughter's arms, and checked with a dermatologist to make sure they were harmless.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "white": albo-; albumino-.