genus, genesis-, -gen, -gene, -genesis, -genetic, -genic, -geny, -genous

(Latin: birth, beget; descent, origin, creation, inception, beginning, race, sort; kind, class)

primigenial (adjective) (not comparable)
Descriptive of or characteristic of being the first born; original; or basic: Hazel's primigenial birth order in her family meant that she was the initial child and so she was the oldest of three children.
primogeniture (s) (noun), primogenitures (pl)
1. The legal or customary right of inheritance or succession by the firstborn son of a family: Because he and his wife only had daughters, Lord Seymore was puzzled about the custom of primogeniture in terms of the family estate.
2. The patrilineal mode of succession by which the right of inheritance pertains to the firstborn son of a family, to the exclusion of females: In older times, the lord of an estate might legally adopt a male child in order to preserve the custom of primogeniture when determining the terms of his will with respect to the inheritance of his property.
3. Etymology: from Latin, “firstborn”; from primus, “first” + genitura, “birth”.
progenitor (s) (noun), progenitors (pl)
1. An ancestor from the past who is related to someone who is living now: Adam is Eve's progenitor or her great grandfather.
2. Etymology: from Latin progenitor, "ancestor" from pro-, "forth" + gignere, "to produce, to beget."
An ancestor or a forefather.
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progeny (s) (noun), progenies (pl)
1. Someone who is born of, begotten by, or derived from another person or parents: Many Americans are the progenies of immigrants.
2. Etymology: from Latin progignere, "to beget" from progenies, "descent, offspring" from pro-, "before, ahead, earlier than" + gignere, "to bring forth."
The offspring or children usually of a father and a mother.
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1. The process of giving rise to or causing decay.
2. The origination from filth.
1. Causing decomposition.
2. Originating or producing disease.
1. Relating to putrefaction or filth.
2. Originating from filth or putrescence.
An organism that sustains itself on decaying organic matter and contributes to organic breakdown and soil formation.
1. Causing decay or putrefaction; also, produced by putrefaction.
2. Causing, or due to, decay of organic matter.
3. Developing in or living upon putrefying matter.