genus, genesis-, -gen, -gene, -genesis, -genetic, -genic, -geny, -genous

(Latin: birth, beget; descent, origin, creation, inception, beginning, race, sort; kind, class)

Growing on decaying material; causing putrefaction.
telegenic (adjective), more telegenic, most telegenic
1. Relating to anyone who presents an attractive physical appearance and shows personal qualities that are considered to be highly appealing to television viewers: Linda loved watching the series on TV with the telegenic and very good-looking trial lawyer and his charming secretary.
2. Etymology: from Greek tele- "far away, at a distance" + -genic, "producing, forming."
A reference to presenting a pleasing look on television.
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1. Appearing as, wishing to be considered as, or having undergone surgery to become a member of the opposite sex.
2. A person appearing or attempting to be a member of the opposite sex; such as, a transsexual or habitual cross-dresser.
3. Relating to a transgendered person or to transgendered people (a person who has undergone genital/sexual reassignment surgery).
1. Inheritance or succession by the youngest son of the family.
2. The mode of succession by which the right of inheritance pertains to the youngest member of a family.