genus, genesis-, -gen, -gene, -genesis, -genetic, -genic, -geny, -genous

(Latin: birth, beget; descent, origin, creation, inception, beginning, race, sort; kind, class)

congenital (adjective), more congenital, most congenital
1. Regarding something that is present at birth but not necessarily hereditary; pertaining to a condition acquired during fetal development: Little Sarah developed a congenital health disorder before she was born because her mother drank too much alcohol and smoked too much during pregnancy.
2. Characterized by existing, usually before birth, or by referring to conditions that are present with a baby, regardless of their cause: Tommy was diagnosed as being hard of hearing when he was born and this was commented on by the doctors as being a congenital health problem.
Pertaining to a person from birth.
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1. The generation or creation of the existing universe.
2. The branch of astrophysics that studies the origin, evolutionary behavior, and structure of the universe as a whole.
3. The study of the origin of celestial objects, usually referring to the solar system.
4. A specific theory or model, myth, or of the origin and evolution of the universe.

While early cosmogonical theories were limited to the problem of the origin of our planetary system, modern cosmogony embraces the study of the origin of giant stellar galaxies, single and multiple stars, planetary systems in general and, finally, the origin of atoms of various chemical elements which constitute the universe.

degenerate (verb), degenerates; degenerated; degenerating
To change into a worse condition or situation; to become worse, weaker, or more useless: The doctors indicated that as Fay's disease progresses, she will degenerate even faster.

The meeting of the political rivals on TV degenerated into a shouting match and so it was degenerating completely out of control.

To pass from a higher to a lower condition or situation.
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design engineering
The vocation in a branch of engineering concerned with the design of a product or facility according to generally accepted uniform standards and procedures; such as, the specification of a linear dimension, or a manufacturing practice; for example, the consistent use of a particular size of screw to fasten covers.
disingenuous (adjective), more disingenuous, most disingenuous
1. A reference to not being straightforward or honest and being insincere or calculating: Jack didn’t want to tell a lie, so he decided to give a disingenuous response to his wife’s question about where he had been the night before; so, all he said was that he had been visiting with a friend, although he actually had been to the local pub all evening.
2. Pertaining to giving a false appearance of being explicit and unambiguous: Jane’s boyfriend had evidently put on a disingenuous smile when he said he liked her a lot, but he wasn’t taking her out anymore.
3. Descriptive of pretending to be unaware of something or trying to give the impression of being innocent regarding what has happened: When Sally’s mother asked her if she had broken the cup, she gave a disingenuous answer that she didn’t even know the cup had been broken!
Relating to craftiness and being deceiving and not being plain-spoken.
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1. In a disingenuous manner.
2. Giving a false appearance of simple frankness.
The quality of being insincere, cynical, calculating, and lacking candor.
dysaptation, dysadaptation (s) (noun); dysaptations, dysadaptations (pl)
An impaired ability of the iris of the eye to respond properly to varying intensities of light in the eyes.
electroacoustics (s) (noun) (no pl)
The science which deals with sound and its relationship to electricity: Loudspeakers and microphones are examples of the applications of electroacoustics.

Electroacoustics is also used in sound broadcasting, sound recording and reproduction as well as ultrasonic flaw detection and technology.