allo-, all-

(Greek: different, other, another; divergence; a combining form denoting a condition differing from the normal or a reversal, or referring to "another")

A red pigment cell found in the skin of fish, amphibians, and reptiles.
A propagative bud, differing from a vegetative bud; a bulbil, as of some lilies.
1. The differentiated portion of protoplasm; such as, myofibrils or cilia, not forming independent organelles.
2. Protoplasmic derivatives; such as, intercellular substance and cell walls.
Originating in differentiation of the protoplasm; such as, flagella and cilia.
1. A presumably inert inorganic material; such as, plastic, used as an implant in humans or animals.
2. A morphological cell unit of more than one kind of tissue.
3. The replacement of a natural body part or tissue with synthetic material.
4. A plastic compound of two or more tissues, as opposed to homoplast.
1. Having to do with an alloplast or the placement of an implant.
2. Relating to adaptation achieved by altering the external environment.
1. Any plastic operation which utilizes alloplastic materials.
2. The process of adapting by changing the environment rather than by changing oneself.
3. A plastic operation in which material from outside the human body is utilized; such as, stainless steel.
4. In psychoanalysis, the process whereby the libido of the growing individual directs its energies away from oneself and toward other individuals and objects as when acting out.
A cell or organism having two or more sets of chromosomes derived from parents of different species or genera.
A condition in which there are two or more chromosome sets derived from two different species or genera
allopsyche (s) (noun)
Having the soul or mind of another person.
allopsychic (adjective)
Related to, or referring to, the mental processes and their relationships to the outside world or the external environment: "Rosetta made allopsychic adjustments regarding her new roommate at the university."
allopsychosis (s) (noun), allopsychoses (pl)
A mental disease that is characterized by abnormal perceptions or losing touch with reality: "Leo's allopsychosis resulted in his having strange illusions and hallucinations, but he still had normal motor functions; such as, speech."

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "another, other, different, alternating, varied, changing": ali-; alter-; allelo-; hetero-; mut-; poikilo-; reciproc-; vari-.