allo-, all-

(Greek: different, other, another; divergence; a combining form denoting a condition differing from the normal or a reversal, or referring to "another")

1. The areas or portions of the cerebral cortex where lamination is absent or incomplete, as with the olfactory cortex, representing less developed or more primitive areas.
2. The portions of cerebral cortex medial to the rhinal fissure during embryonic development that fail to differentiate into a six-layered isocortex.
allocryptic (adjective)
A reference to organisms that use a covering of other organisms or inanimate material to conceal themselves.
The differences in coiling behavior in chromosomes or regions of a chromosome, as seen in some sex chromosomes, the nucleolar organizer, and centromere.
Possession of two sets of chromosomes, each from a different species.
allodoxaphobia (s) (noun), allodoxaphobias (pl)
An intensive anxiety or strong concern about the possible opinions or criticisms of others: James has an allodoxaphobia about people who have negative views concerning what he is striving to accomplish in his research regarding making vocabulary words easier to comprehend.
allodynia (s) (noun), allodynias (pl)
The condition in which an ordinarily painless stimulus, once perceived, is experienced as being painful: Mrs. Nice told her doctor that any light contact on her skin, or just the thought of being touched, caused her suffering which she found out was termed allodynia.

Allodynia can be a pain from a stimulus which is not normally painful.

A condition of allodynia may occur somewhere other than in the area stimulated.

1. A change; alternative effect; recovery from illness.
2. A change or alteration in the character of one's constitution or a disease.
alloesthesia (s) (noun), alloesthesias (pl)
A disorder of the localization of tactile stimuli, in which the patient feels the sensation at a corresponding point on the opposite side of the body to which the stimulus is applied: Dr. Kilfoil confirmed the diagnosis of alloesthesia after observing the response of Nathan as he was jerking his left foot despite the fact Dr. Kilfoil had administered a pin prick on the right foot.
alloesthesic (adjective), more alloesthesic, most alloesthesic
A reference to a disorder of the localization of tactile stimuli: When Dr. Thompson vaccinated Janet, she felt an alloesthesic sensation at the corresponding point on the opposite side of her body from that which the vaccination had been applied!
Cross fertilization.
1. Cross-fertilization.
2. Fertilization of the ova of one individual by the spermatozoa of another.
A mineral or rock fragment that was derived from preexisting rock and transported to its present site of deposition.
1. Having a different genetic constitution but belonging to the same species.
2. In immunology, describing material coming from a genetically distinct member of the same species, as serum, tissue, or cells.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "another, other, different, alternating, varied, changing": ali-; alter-; allelo-; hetero-; mut-; poikilo-; reciproc-; vari-.