allo-, all-

(Greek: different, other, another; divergence; a combining form denoting a condition differing from the normal or a reversal, or referring to "another")

The excretion of purine bases in the urine.
1. Related to, or characteristic of alloxuria.
2. Any agent or condition that increases the excretion of purine (colorless crystalline nitrogen) bases in the urine.
autoallogamy, autallogamy
The condition of a species in which some individuals are adapted to cross fertilization and others to self-fertilization.
1. In physics, an apparent change in the position of an object when the person looking at the object changes position.
2. In astronomy, the angle between two imaginary lines from two different observation points meeting at a star or celestial body that is used to measure its distance from the Earth.
An allotropic change with color alteration due to light, as the change of yellow into red phosphorus.

Allotropism is the existence of a substance in two or more distinct forms with distinct physical properties; for example, graphite and diamond, allotropic forms of carbon.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units meaning "another, other, different, alternating, varied, changing": ali-; alter-; allelo-; hetero-; mut-; poikilo-; reciproc-; vari-.