clud-, claud-, claus-, clos-, -clude, -clois, -cluding, -cluded, -clus, -clusion, -clusive

(Latin: to close, to shut)

seclusion (si KLOO zhuhn) (s) (noun), seclusions (pl)
1. The state of being isolated or in a remote area or region: The couple loved their vacations on the island where they enjoyed complete seclusion, away from work and from strangers.
2. A place of concealment or a private location: Little Tommy had his own spot of seclusion, which was behind the door of the closet in his room!
seclusive (adjective)
sluice (s) (noun), sluices (pl)
1. An artificial passage or channel for conducting water, fitted with a valve or gate in order to regulate the flow of water: "The stream by the mill had a sluice consisting of a water gate or flood gate that was used for stopping or regulating the flow of the water."
2. An opening or a channel through which anything flows; such as, a source of supply for something.
3. A long box or trough through which water flows: "The miners used a long-inclined trough to separate gold from the earth."
4. Etymology: an alteration of Old French escluse, "sluice, floodgate", from Late Latin exclusa, "barrier to shut out water" (in aqua exclusa, "water shut out"), from feminine singular of Latin exclusus, excludere, "to shut out".
sluice (verb), sluices; sluiced; sluicing
1. To wash or to spray someone or something with streams of water: "He sluiced the mud from his concrete drive way."
2. To flow or to pour down heavily: "The rain came sluicing down during the thunder storm."
supercluster (s) (noun), superclusters (pl)
An association of clusters of galaxies.

Superclusters are large assemblages of smaller galaxy groups and clusters, and are among the largest structures of the cosmos.

The existence of superclusters indicates that the galaxies in our Universe are not uniformly distributed; most of them are grouped together in groups and clusters, with groups containing up to fifty galaxies and clusters up to several thousand.

Those groups and clusters and additional isolated galaxies in turn form even larger structures called "superclusters".

water closet (noun), WC, w.c.; privy, loo (primarily British) (s); water closets, privies, loos (pl)
1. A room or booth containing a toilet and often a washbowl; a toilet.
2. An enclosed room or compartment containing a toilet bowl fitted with a mechanism for flushing.

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