clud-, claud-, claus-, clos-, -clude, -clois, -cluding, -cluded, -clus, -clusion, -clusive

(Latin: to close, to shut)

exclusive (s) (noun), exclusives (pl)
exclusively (adverb)
exclusiveness (s) (noun)
foreclose (verb), forecloses; foreclosed; foreclosing
foreclosure (s) (noun), foreclosures (pl)
inclose (verb), incloses; inclosed; inclosing
inclosure (s) (noun), inclosures (pl)
includable (adjective) (not comparable)
Inclined to take in as in a portion of a whole: The waitress said that the eggs and bacon were includable in the breakfast menu.
include (verb), includes; included; including
1. To have within itself, to contain, to comprise: Joe's farm includes agricultural land, pastures, and a forest area.

Last evening, Monica and Jerry were dining out with a meal that included an appetizer, the main course, dessert, and coffee.

2. To put in a total, a class, or a group: Ted and his family were buying property for a price that is including the land, a house, and a big two-car garage.

Include can be used in an unrestrictive way implying that there might be other things that are not specifically mentioned or that there is more than what is listed.

3. Etymology: from Latin includere, "to enclose, to shut in"; from in-, "in, into" + claudere, "to shut, to close".
included (adjective)
including (preposition)
Introducing one or more parts of a group or topic that was just indicated: "The job applicant was told that all he has to do is to fill in the details, including his name, address, telephone number, and the kind of job he wants to apply for."
inclusion (in KLOO zhuhn) (s) (noun), inclusions (pl)
1. The incorporation of one substance into the body of a different composition: The geologists were excited about the inclusions they discovered in the mass of lava that covered the hillside.
2. The involvement of individuals in the activity of others: Hester always insisted on the inclusion of her cousins in family holiday events because she was trying to be sure everyone felt welcome and had a good time.
inclusive (adjective)
inclusively (adverb)
inclusiveness (s) (noun)