clud-, claud-, claus-, clos-, -clude, -clois, -cluding, -cluded, -clus, -clusion, -clusive

(Latin: to close, to shut)

discloser (s) (noun), disclosers (pl)
disclosure (s) (noun), disclosures (pl)
enclose (verb), encloses; enclosed; enclosing
encloser (s) (noun), enclosers (pl)
enclosure (s) (noun), enclosures (pl)
excludable (adjective), more excludable, most excludable
1. Liable to be rejected or refused: Students with poor high school grades are excludable and are not accepted at elite colleges.
2. Subject to omitting or eliminating something from use: The family ate only vegan foods and everything else was excludable.
3. Capable of preventing harmful germs or sun's rays to enter a specific place: The excludable mouth and nose masks are absolutely necessary to inhibit the COVID-19 viruses from spreading.
exclude (ik SKLOOD) (verb), excludes; excluded; excluding
To restrict or to prevent participation or involvement in a situation or activity: The new rules are designed to exclude pets from living in the apartment building where Patrick lives.
excluded (adjective)
excluding (preposition)
exclusion (s) (noun), exclusions (pl)
exclusionary (adjective)
exclusionism (s) (noun)
exclusionist (adjective)
exclusionist (s) (noun), exclusionists (pl)
exclusive (adjective)