centro-, centr-, centri-, kentro-

(Greek > Latin: center; middle point, mid point; focus, focal point, focalize; zero in on)

This element originally meant "sharp point, goad" or "spur".

Having many centers.
Focused on the subjective, mental self as the major determinant of personality and mental activity rather than on the cerebral, neurophysiological elements.
Quotes: Egotism, Self-Centered
An I specialist with self-admiration which lets off esteem: egotism quotes.
1. As seen or estimated from the center of the moon.
2. With the moon being central.
1. Having the moon as its center.
2. Of or pertaining to the center of the moon.
spherical weathering, spheroidal weathering, concentric weathering
1. The chemical weathering of blocks of rock so that they take on a more rounded shape; such as rounded boulders that help to create domed monoliths.
2. Chemical weathering in which concentric or spherical shells of decayed rock are successively separated from a block of rock.

It commonly results in the formation of a rounded boulder of decomposition.

sulcus centralis, central sulcus
A double-S-shaped fissure, or furrow, extending obliquely upward and backward on the lateral surface of each cerebral hemisphere at the boundary between frontal and parietal lobes.
tandem office, tandem central office
In telecommunications, a telephone facility that makes connections between local offices in a region where there are too many such offices to economically establish a full set of direct connections.
theocentric (adjective)
With God, a god, or gods as the focal point; or having God as the central point of fact: "Some people try to live theocentric lives."

"There have been some theocentric civilizations, but where are they now?"

thermoinhibitory center, thermoregulatory center
A center located in the hypothalamus of the body concerned mainly with the regulation of heat production, heat inhibition, and heat conservation to maintain a normal body temperature.
thermoregulatory center
The hypothalamic center in the body which regulates and controls body heat.
trauma center, traumacenter; trauma centers, traumacenters (nouns)
A hospital unit specializing in the treatment of patients with acute and especially life-threatening traumatic injuries.
trophic center
Any part of the central nervous system whose proper functioning is thought to be necessary for the nutrition, growth, or maintenance of a peripheral part of the body; such as, the parietal lobe for the development of the muscles of an extremity.