centro-, centr-, centri-, kentro-

(Greek > Latin: center; middle point, mid point; focus, focal point, focalize; zero in on)

This element originally meant "sharp point, goad" or "spur".

central terminal electrode (s) (noun), central terminal electrodes (pl)
In electrocardiography, an electrode in which connections from three limbs; for example, right arm, left arm, and left leg, are joined and led to the electrocardiograph to form the indifferent electrode, theoretically at zero potential for the system.
central vision (s) (noun), central visions (pl)
1. The part of a field that is seen near an object at which the eye is directed or straight-ahead sight as opposed to peripheral seeing.
2. The physiological sense of sight by which the form, color, size, movements, and distances of objects are perceived: Central vision permits a person to read, to drive, or to perform other activities that require fine, sharp, straight-ahead viewing.

centralize, centralizes; centralized; centralizing (verbs)
centrifugal (adjective) (not comparable)
centrifugally (adverb), more centrifugally, most centrifugally
centrifuge (s) (noun), centrifuges (pl)
centrine: shark, ray
Belonging to the spiny shark or ray.
A reference to a center of gravity.