centro-, centr-, centri-, kentro-

(Greek > Latin: center; middle point, mid point; focus, focal point, focalize; zero in on)

This element originally meant "sharp point, goad" or "spur".

concentrate (verb), concentrates, concentrated, concentrating
A device connected to several RFID readers to gather data from the readers.

The concentrator usually performs some filtering and then passes only useful information from the readers on to a host computer.

concentric (adjective), more concentric, most concentric
1. Pertaining to circles, arcs, or other shapes that have the same center with the larger one completely surrounding the smaller ones.
2. Etymology: from Latin concentricus; from com-, "together" + centrum, "center".
Pertaining to a rib and the centrum (body) of a vertebra.
eccentric (s) (noun), eccentrics (pl)
1. Someone with a strange or an odd personality.
2. Anyone who deviates markedly from what is considered normal; especially, a person of odd or unconventional behavior.
eccentric vision (s) (noun), eccentric visions (pl)
The fixation of the eyes with a part of the retina other than the fovea.

The fovea is located in the eye, a tiny pit located in the macula of the retina (a small spot in the eye where vision is sharpest) which provides the clearest vision of all.

Only in the fovea are the layers of the retina spread aside to let light fall directly on the cones, the cells that give the sharpest image.

eccentricity (s) (noun), eccentricities (pl)
The quality of being strange or unusual in one's behavior: Some people are not very tolerant of Donald's eccentricity as a politician.

Mildred's talking to her flowers everyday is just one of her eccentricities.

Peculiar behavior or abnormal actions.
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1. Centring on the environment; emphasizing the importance of protecting the environment rather than the needs or rights of human beings; of or relating to ecocentrism.
2. An adherent or advocate of ecocentrism.
The view or belief that environmental concerns should take precedence over the needs and rights of human beings considered in isolation.
egocentric (adjective), more egocentric, most egocentric
1. A reference to a person who holds the view that his or her self-esteem is the center, the object, and the norm of all experiences: An egocentric person can be very boring for other people to endure.
2. Relating to a focus on the attitude or interest to one's own needs or affairs and not to those of other people: Nancy was an egocentric woman who was selfish and, as a result, she never acknowledged that she was wrong about anything.
3. Descriptive of an extreme concentration of attention upon oneself; self-centered: Lester knew an egocentric and self-obsessed movie star.

An egocentric is a person who has his I’s too close together.

—Evan Esar
Conveying an attitude that one's self is the most important and not anyone else.
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A reference to having little or no regard for other people.
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egocentrism (s) (noun), egocentrisms (pl)
1. Regarding oneself and one's own opinions or interests as most important.
2. An attempt to get personal recognition for oneself; especially by unacceptable means.
electrical center
1. A point in the middle of an adjustable inductor or resistor which divides it into two equivalent electrical values.
2. The point approximately midway between the ends of an inductor or resistor which divides the inductor or resistor into two equal electrical values.