front-, fronto-

(Latin: forehead, brow, the forepart of anything; that which projects)

temporofrontal (adjective), more temporofrontal, most temporofrontal
Referring to the temporal and frontal bones or areas: After the car accident, Janet was taken to the hospital with temporofrontal damage to her head, which had to be operated on immediately.
1. The land area adjacent to the sea; especially, in a town or city, and often including a district of wharves where ships dock.
2. An area partly bounded by water or the part of a town that lies alongside a body of water; which often includes a harbor or dockyard.
weather front
The boundary between two air masses of different temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.

As one air mass pushes under, or over, the other, a change in the weather takes place; often high winds, storms and wind shifts.

The location and movement of such boundaries are reported on weather maps.

A reference to the zygoma (the bone that forms the prominence of the cheek) and the frontal bone