front-, fronto-

(Latin: forehead, brow, the forepart of anything; that which projects)

A refuse truck which is loaded at the front and that usually has hydraulic arms which lift dumpsters over the cab dumping their contents into a bin with some kind of compacting mechanism.
The birth or creation of a front or the transition zone or interface between two air masses of different densities which may be related to temperature, pressure, and humidity.

This takes place when two adjacent air masses presenting different densities and temperatures are brought together by prevailing winds, creating a front.

This happens when either air mass, or both of them, move over a surface which strengthens their original properties; however, it occurs more often along the eastern coasts of North America and Asia, when the air mass moving out over the ocean has a weak or no distinct boundary.

The destruction or dying of a weather front where the transition zone loses its contrasting properties or when the air masses indicate different densities and temperatures are not brought together by any winds.
1. Relating to or characteristic of both frontal and parietal bones.
2. A reference to the frontal and parietal lobes of a cerebral hemisphere.
A reference to the frontal (forehead) and temporal (forming part of the lower cranium) bones.
ionization front
1. In astrophysics, a region in space in which the interstellar gas, commonly hydrogen, changes from a mostly neutral state to a mostly ionized situation, because of the ultraviolet radiation from hot stars nearby.
2. A transition region that separates interstellar gas in which a given atomic species, usually hydrogen, is mostly ionized from interstellar gas in which it is essentially neutral.
medifrontal, mediofrontal, midfrontal
1. Of or relating to the middle of the frontal bone or forehead.
2. Both median and frontal; a reference to the middle of the forehead.
norma frontalis, norma facialis, norma anterior (s) (noun) (no plural)
The outline of the skull as seen from the front: By examining the X-ray, the medical technician was able to study the norma frontalis and explain the visible injury on the front of Bill's head to the his doctor.
A reference to, or involving, the upper eyelid and the brow.
quasi-stationary front
In meteorology, a frontal system that is stationary or nearly stationary; generally, a front that moves at a speed of less than five knots (0.26 meter per second); also, stationary front.
stationary front
An unmoving boundary between two air masses.