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temporal (adjective), more temporal, most temporal
1. Relating to measured time: Karon's grandmother knew her life was temporal or limited, so she decided to make her will before she got too frail.
2. Connected with life in this world rather than a spiritual life: Making music or painting pictures are temporal arts, being composed or drawn by people, not by ghosts or fairies!
3. Relating to something which is limited by length of periods: Susan was finally lucky enough to get a temporal job which lasted for only 6 weeks because there was no possibility to get a permanent one yet.
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(Greek: breast; used in the specialized sense as "of or pertaining to the breast-shaped mastoid process of the temporal bone)
(Greek: column; pillar; pillarlike implement or structure, especially the styloid process of the temporal bone)
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frontal-temporal dementia
Any of several degenerative conditions of the frontal and anterior temporal lobes that cause personality and behavioral changes sometimes mistaken for those of Alzheimer's disease and may eventually progress to immobility and loss of speech.

There isn't the memory loss seen in Alzheimer's disease, but there is often hyperorality (the excessive placing of inedible objects into the mouth).

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temporal artery
Any of the three arteries on each side of the head; such as, the superficial temporal artery, the middle temporal artery, and the deep temporal artery.
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temporal bone
1. A large irregular bone that is situated at the base and the side of the skull.
2. One of a pair of large bones forming part of the lower cranium and containing various cavities and recesses associated with the ear; such as, the tympanic cavity and the auditory tube.
3. A reference to the region of the temple.

The temporal bone is connected with the mandible (the jawbone) via the temporomandibular joint; or the joint that hinges the lower jaw to the temporal bone of the skull.

Each temporal bone consists of four parts: the mastoid (rounded protrusion of bone just behind the ear), the squama (thin, expanded part of a bone; especially, in the the cranial wall), the petrous (stony hardness), and the tympanic (middle ear drum).

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temporal lobe
The lobe of the cerebral hemisphere located down on the side just forward of the occipital lobe (rounded projecting part).

The temporal lobe contains the auditory cortex which is responsible for hearing. It is also the site of the seizure activity characteristic of temporal-lobe epilepsy.

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temporal niche (s) (noun), temporal niches (pl)
An organism’s functional position in its surroundings as determined by the timespan in which it appears and is active there: The temporal niche can be explained as the daily and seasonal rhythm of an animal, for example, as seen in an owl which is characterized by being active during the night and sleeping during the day.
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age polyethism, temporal polyethism
The regular changing of labor roles by colony members as they age.
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