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A variety of Latin Greek quizzes

This link presents a special list of self-scoring quizzes based on Latin and Greek elements as another method for improving vocabulary skills.

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pago-, pag-, pagan-
A derogatory term for anyone who does not conform to one of the world's main religions is found at this pago unit which originally simply referred to a "rural district".
pelago-, pelag-
Oceanic and seaworthy, pelago words will let you float in a new realm of vocabulary.
plyno-, plyn-, plysi-, -plysis, plyto-
Rare words that mean "wash" or "irrigate" are found in this short plyno-, -plysis words unit.
Polygamy Sections
Parts 1, 2, and 3 of polygamy are located here.
Quotes, Quotations Units
Groups of quotations are located at this quotes site.
sauro-, -saurian
Greek: lizard, reptile, serpent; used with reference to "dinosaurs".

This is the place to go for a big list of 575 dinosaurs with several illustrations, name meanings, places of discovery, and those who made the discoveries (when such information is available); as well as, other creatures besides the dinosaurs; such as, lizards, serpents, reptiles, etc.

Story Translations Listed
Lists of Story Translations.
Vocabulary Quizzes: English Words from Latin and Greek Origins
Lists of Vocabulary Self-Scoring Quzzes and Tests; another approach to learning English words.