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eating, consuming
It's all about eating at these phago-, pica, -vorous, and glutto- units of words.
Flags of the World with Countries and Languages
Twelve groups of World Flags are available in these units which describe the various countries, principalities, dependencies, etc. of the world including the various related languages.

You make take advantage of the following flag units with a simple click:

Flags of the World, Part 1 (Afghanistan to Azerbaijan)

Flags of the World, Part 2 (Bahamas to Burundi)

Flags of the World, Part 3 (Cambodia to Czech Republic)

Flags of the World, Part 4 (Denmark to French Southern Territories)

Flags of the World, Part 5 (Gabon to Hungary)

Flags of the World, Part 6 (Iceland to Luxembourg)

Flags of the World, Part 7 (Macao City to Mynamar)

Flags of the World, Part 8 (Namibia to Nunavut, Canadian Territory

Flags of the World, Part 9 (Oman to Rwanda)

Flags of the World, Part 10 (Helena to Syria)

Flags of the World, Part 11 (Taiwan to Tuvalu)

Flags of the World, Part 12 (Uganda to Zimbabwe)

A section that refers to lightning. See fulgur- for unit words and definitions.
glypto-, glypt-, -glyphic
Terms that refer to "carving or engraving" may also refer, by extension, to forms of "writing" or other applications.

Some forms include: geoglyphics and hieroglyphics. This glypto- element has more applications than most people are aware of and so they may well be an introduction to many other interesting forms for one's consideration.

hal-, hali-, -halation
Breathing in and out is the theme of this inhaling and exhaling unit.
Hands: A Personal, First Person Presentation
Cheiro Sinistro and Manual Dextro want you to know more about them by reading their hand revelations.
ichthyo-, ichthy-
A unit about fish and fishy things.
lav-, lava-, lavat-
One of the units that deals with washing or lavage words.
Limbo Parts 1 and 2
Neither heaven nor hell, Limbo, Part 1 and Part 2, may no longer have a place in Roman Catholic Church beliefs.
linguo-, -linguist
Almost all of us have a tongue that relates to linguistic words which refers to language and the tongue.
Metric Units Chart and Links
Presenting terms of metrics or metric names, symbols, and numerical factors with links to all of the metrics.
Mottoes, Slogans, Proverbs, Adages, Words of Wisdom: Latin and Greek to English Units
Units of Latin-Greek mottoes with English translations.
Names for Groups: Characteristic Terms
Names that describe Venery or group names as determined by traditional terms of the hunt and those of more modern creations that attempt to describe group characteristics.
pago-, pag-
References to "ice" or "freezing" conditions may be found at this pago unit.
pago-, pag-
This other pago unit is concerned with "foothill" areas as used in ecological references.