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balneo-, balne-
A variety of "baths" or "washing facilities" terms will be found at this balneo-, balne- words unit.
baro-, bar-, bary-
Greek: weight, heavy; atmospheric pressure; a combining form meaning "pressure", as in barotaxis, or sometimes "weight", as in baromacrometer.

Things can be "heavy" or under "pressure" as indicated by this baro-words unit.

benthos, bentho
Getting to the bottom of this unit about deep, depth; the fauna and flora of the bottom of the sea.

There is also a separate explanation about the importance of benthos for the earth.

This is an Old Norse term, berserkar which literally means, “bear’s skin”; and refers to a Norse-myth warrior who, wearing a bear's skin, thought he had the strength of a bear and would go berserk when fighting other warriors.
biblio-, bibli- (prefixes)
Book or books.
A stack of books.
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The biblio- element has many well-known applications in the English language; however, there are probably several new words that you could add to your vocabulary.

A Bibliography is one asset to knowing where much of the information for this dictionary comes from.

This is probably just one example of a bibliokleptomaniac exceeding his desire to "protect" neglected books. A true story that appeared in newspapers in May, 2002 and June, 2003 regarding a teacher who found a secret entrance to an old eighth-century monastery in Alsace, France; with illustrations that show how this teacher performed his "book rescues".

"I'm afraid my burning passion overrode my conscience. It may appear selfish, but I felt the books had been abandoned. They were covered with dust and pigeon droppings and I felt no one consulted them anymore," said the borrower of the books.

bio-, bi-, -biotic
Greek: life; living, live, alive.

A unit about "life" and "living, bio words is one of the largest units with at least 681 words and definitions; and it also includes six self-scoring quizzes to challenge your knowledge.

Certainly the significance of the many aspects of life and living have produced many versions of bio words and should be considered by anyone wishing to expand his/her vocabulary fluency.

Biopiracy: In the News
Resources from Kenyan Lake Bogoria is a current biopiracy issue.
There are some specialized terms about "food" in the form of broma words which are located in this unit.
bromo-, brom-
When it comes to stinking, or stench, we have these bromo words which are probably used mostly by medical people.
caco-, cac-, kako-, kak-
Greek: bad, harsh, wrong, evil; incorrect; unpleasant; poor; used most of the time as a prefix.

A unit about "bad, harsh, evil", and anything that is "wrong" is included in this caco- words unit.

This prefix spans a wide range of applications and has value for a greater understanding of what is considered to be "bad" or "unpleasant" about many things in the world.


Their origins and global applications. This unit has much more information than any of the other subject groups.

The best place to start is with this directory of Calendar Elements which will take you to a multitude of pages that include the history of calendars, months and days in other languages, and other related references about this time indicator with several illustrations that should make this journey more interesting.

cheiro-, cheir-, chiro-, chir-, -cheiria, -chiria
It's all about hands at these cheiro-, chiro- lists of words.
chemistry and chemical elements
A great deal of information about chemistry and chemical elements is available for both chemists and non-chemists.

This resource includes: chemical words and definitions and a great deal of knowledge about chemical elements that are described at this chemical elements list; as well as, a Chemical-Elements Chart History; Part 1 and Part 2, both of which are available here.

Confusing Words: Units Listed, Section A
Lists of confusing words that are clarified with examples.
digit-, digiti-
Finger and toe words are found at this digit unit.