andro-, andr-, -ander, -andra, -andria, -andrian, -andric, -andrism, -androus, -andries, -andry

(Greek: man, men, male, masculine; also, stamen or anther as used in botany)

misandrous (adjective), more misandrous, most misandrous
Pertaining to the loathing of men in general and; sometimes, especially for some particular man: Since her breakup with her husband, Kelly has serious misandrous feelings towards him that are filled with abhorrence and she never wants to have anything to do with him again.
1. A reference to a female who mates with a single male or the custom of having only one husband at a time.
2. In botany, belonging to a class of flower that has a single stamen.

There is a vast difference between the savage and civilized man, but it is usually not apparent to their wives until after breakfast.

—Helen Rowland
nanandrous, nanander
Producing dwarf males.
octandrous, octandrious
In botany, having eight stamens.
oligandrous (adjective), more oligandrous, most oligandrous
1. In botany, having fewer than twenty or having very paltry numbers of stamens.
2. Literally: "few men" or "few males".
pentandrous, pentandrious, pentandrian
In botany, having five free stamens.
philander (verb), philanders; philandered; philandering
To carry on an affair, or many affairs, especially an extramarital affair with a woman one cannot or does not intend to marry: In the story Ruth was reading, the protagonist flirted and philandered with the pretty girls he met at different parties.
The condition of having ripe pollen before the stigma is receptive.
Pertaining to, or characterized by, polyandry; mating with several males: "Recently I saw a TV documentary about polyandric societies."
A mass grave, or a grave containing many human corpses; either as the result of a natural disaster or a war.
1. The marriage of a woman to several (more than two) men at the same time.
2. A woman who practices, or favors, polyandry.
Originally, a cemetery for the many victims of great battles
1. A reference to a female who mates with several males; having more than one husband or having several husbands.
2. Literally having many male sexual partners.
3. In botany, having numerous stamens.
1. The civil condition of having more husbands than one for the same woman; a social order permitting plurality of husbands.
2. An animal-mating system seen in polygamous species, in which the female mates with more than one male.
3. The dominance of a female over many males.
protandrous, protandry, protandric
The condition of a hermaphrodite in which the male portion develops first or which is first male, and later sex reversed to female.
2. Said of a flower in which the pollen matures before the stigma is receptive.

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