andro-, andr-, -ander, -andra, -andria, -andrian, -andric, -andrism, -androus, -andries, -andry

(Greek: man, men, male, masculine; also, stamen or anther as used in botany)

androdiecious, androdioecious; androdioecism, androdioecy
With flowers on one plant hermaphrodite and on the other staminate only.
A reference to dicotyledonous plants, in which there is a more than ordinary development of stamens and petals.
androecia (pl), androecium (s)
Stamen; a name given to the whole of the male organs of a flower.
A reference to a plant having male flowers only.
The male component of the flower, typically comprising a whorl of stamens surrounding the female component (gynoecium).
Lactation from the male breast (oozing of milk from the male breast).
A gamone released by spermatozoa [a gamone is a hypothetical substance supposed to be released by the ovum (gynogamone) and spermatozoa (androgamone) to facilitate their fusion].
The impregnation of the male gamete by the female gamete.
androgen, androgenic
1. Any substance that conduces to masculinization, such as the testicular hormone.
2. A substance, as a male sex hormone, capable of developing and maintaining certain male sexual characteristics.
3. Generic term for an agent, usually a hormone (e.g., androsterone, testosterone), that stimulates activity of the accessory male sex organs, encourages development of male sex characteristics, or prevents changes in the latter that follow castration; natural androgen’s are steroids, derivatives of androstane.
1. The growth of an individual from a male cell.
2. Development of an egg that contains only paternal chromosomes, those of the father, because the nucleus of the ovum fails to participate in fertilization.
Producing masculine characteristics; a reference to androgenesis.
Relating to an androgen; having a masculinizing effect.
androgenic hair
Hair follicles that exist on much of the human body (including some females) which respond to androgens (primarily testosterone and its derivatives).

Generally, the rate of hair growth increases and the thickness of the hairs increases in direct proportion to the androgen levels; however, different areas respond with different sensitivities.

As puberty progresses, the sequence of appearance of sexual (androgenic) hair reflects the gradations of androgen sensitivity. The pubic area is most sensitive, and heavier hair usually grows there first in response to androgens.

The quality of exerting a masculinizing or virilizing action or effect; a property of androgenic hormones.
Excessive androgen production in the female or the clinical state of virilization resulting from it or from the administration of androgen.

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