andro-, andr-, -ander, -andra, -andria, -andrian, -andric, -andrism, -androus, -andries, -andry

(Greek: man, men, male, masculine; also, stamen or anther as used in botany)

Having a masculine appearance; in the shape or form of a man; android.
andron, andronitis
In an ancient Greek house, an apartment for men; especially one for banqueting.
andropara, androparous, andropary
Giving birth only to or mostly male offspring.
andropathia (s) (noun), andropathias (pl)
Any disease peculiar to males: One example of the ailment andropathia is prostatitis.
andropause, viropause
1. The end of virility; a blend of andro- and menopause.

Context and Source: "Andropause or viropause, the end of virility", Newsweek, September 16, 1996.

2. The period in a man's life during which the production of testosterone begins to decline.
Made double by having the stamens changed into petals.
The eating of a man (as opposed to a woman); similar to anthropophagus (cannibalism).
androphile (s) (noun), androphiles (pl)
1. A person who is attracted towards masculinity: In the book Mary was reading, an androphile was described as a girl who thought she actually should have been born a boy.
2. In biology, the existence of an organism in proximity to mankind and preferring such closeness: Certain mosquitoes are androphiles in that they prefer to get blood from humans instead of animals.
androphobic (adjective), more androphobic, most androphobic
Describing the hatred of the male gender: The person who has an androphobic attitude usually tries to avoid any conditions that involve men.
androphonomania (s) (noun), androphonomanias (pl)
Homicidal insanity or the killing or murder of one person by another one.
In botany, a name applied by some to the column formed by the united filaments in monadelphous plants, or a more or less columnar portion of the receptacle bearing several anthers.
A male-limited chromosome; literally, a male body.
A man-sphinx; a sphinx whose human portion is male.
1. The zoospore which in certain fucoid algae produces the male reproductive organs.
2. The female plant that produces peculiar swarm-spores out of which proceed very small male plants.
A male sex hormone.

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