vor-, vora-, -vore, -vorous, -vores, -vora, -vory

(Latin: eat, eating; consume, consuming; ingest, ingesting; devour, devouring; feeding on)

sanguivore (verb), sanguivores; sanguivored; sanguivoring
To feed on blood; such as, vampire bats, mosquitoes, leeches, ticks, fleas, etc.
sanguivorous (adjective), more sanguivorous, most sanguivorous
Vampire bat is getting its blood meal from a cow.
A vampire bat is getting its sanguivorous meal from a cow.
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sanguivory (adjective)
Absorbing nutrients from dead or decaying organic matter.
Eating or feeding on seeds.
serpentivorous (adjective), more serpentivorous, most serpentivorous
A reference to the eating of ophidians, lizards, etc.: There are many serpentivorous creatures that prey on serpents; including, birds and animals.
A reference to certain insects that eat dung or excrement.
Non-meat eater.
1. The eating of just one kind of food or eating just once a day.
2. A reference to a host-specific parasite.
univory (adjective)
verbivore (s), verbivores (pl) (nouns)
Those who consume or devour words: "The student claimed that she was a verbivore because she was continuously looking for more words to add to her lists."
Feeding or eating worms, grubs, or insect vermin; said especially of certain birds.

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