vor-, vora-, -vore, -vorous, -vores, -vora, -vory

(Latin: eat, eating; consume, consuming; ingest, ingesting; devour, devouring; feeding on)

algivorous (adjective) (not comparable)
Ingesting, feeding on, or eating algae.
ambivore (s) (noun), ambivores (pl)
The eating of various grasses and broad-leaf plants.
ambivorous (adjective), more ambivorous, most ambivorous
Referring to creatures which feed on broad-leaved vegetation and grasses: In the zoology book that Doug was reading, he found out that ambivorous animals; such as, cattle, horses, camels, zebras, and giraffes all eat plants with flat leaves, but not those which are like pine needles.
ambivory (adjective), more ambivory, most ambivory
A reference to animals that eat various kinds of grass.
amphivore (s) (noun), amphivores (pl)
An animal, including humans, that eat both animal and vegetable foods.
Boy is eating hotdog and ice cream.
This young boy is an example of an amphivore.
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amphivorous (adjective), more amphivorous, most amphivorous
Descriptive of animals that consume animal flesh and vegetables.
amphivory (adjective), more amphivory, most amphivory
1. Pertaining to the eating of both animal and vegetable foods.
2. Etymology: from Greek amphi-, "both, of both kinds, on both sides, about, around" + -vorous, "eating".
aphidivore (s) (noun), aphidivores (pl)
Any creature that consumes aphids or any of various kinds of these small plant-sucking insects.
aphidivorous (adjective), more aphidivorous, most aphidivorous
A reference to other insects that eat aphids; usually by laying their eggs into the aphids where the larva consume them.
aphidivory (adjective), more aphidivory, most aphidivory
Characteristic of creatures that feed on the small plant-sucking insects known as aphids.
apivore (verb), apivores; apivored; apivoring
To eat bees.
apivorous (adjective), more apivorous, most apivorous
Pertaining to the eating of bees: "A bee eater or apivorous insects seem to be destroying honey bees to such a degree that there are fewer bee hives available for making honey."
apivory (adjective), more apivory, most apivory
A reference to the eating of bees.
arachnivorous (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to the eating of, or feeding on spiders: Many birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish are arachnivourous creatures, that consume anthropods.
aurivorous (adjective) (usually not comparable)
Feeding on or devouring gold.

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