vor-, vora-, -vore, -vorous, -vores, -vora, -vory

(Latin: eat, eating; consume, consuming; ingest, ingesting; devour, devouring; feeding on)

Feeding on or devouring microorganisms, especially bacteria.
microbivory (adjective)
1. Consuming plant juices or mucilage.
2. Subsisting on mucus; such as, microbes.
mucivory (adjective)
Feeding on nectar; said of birds and insects.
nectarivory (adjective)
Any creture which consumes or eats nuts.
The eating of nuts.
nucivory (adjective)
obligate carnivore, obligatory carnivore (true carnivore)
1. An animal that requires meat, or other animal products, in its diet in order to obtain the nutrients that are found in sufficient quantities.
2. An obligate, or true carnivore, is an animal that subsists on a diet consisting almost exclusively of meat.

They may consume other products presented to them, especially animal products like cheese and bone marrow or sweet sugary substances like honey and syrup; but, as these items are not essential they do not consume them on a regular basis.

True carnivores lack the physiology required for efficient digestion of vegetable matter; in fact, some carnivorous mammals eat vegetation matter specifically just as an emetic (for vomiting).

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3. An animal that by its genetic makeup must eat the tissue of other animals in order to thrive.

Obligate carnivores may eat other foods; such as, vegetables, grains, or fruit, but they must eat meat as the main source for their nutrients.

Restricted to one particular kind of food or mode of eating; such as, obligate carnivore, obligate predator, obligate saprophyte, etc.

The term obligavore was coined in 2008 by Edward Walsh.

The eating of offal; such as, filth, refuse or the waste parts or leavings of something like a butchered animal.

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