phago-, phag-, -phage, -phagi, -phagic, -phagically, -phagia, -phagism, -phagist, -phagic, -phagous, -phagy

(Greek: eat, eating; to consume, to ingest; relationship to eating or consumption by ingestion or engulfing)

Difficulty swallowing.

Isn't this a good word to use when referring to politicians making promises, promises, ad infinitum?

1. The inability to swallow or difficulty in swallowing; a sensation of food sticking in the esophagus.
2. Difficulty in eating; it may be organically or psychologically determined, but the term generally implies an organic cause.
Spiny ant eater.
ectoophagous, ectoophage, ectoophagy
A reference to insect larvae that hatch from eggs deposited on or near a supply of host eggs that they eat.
ectophagous, ectophage, ectophagy
Eating the outside of a food source as opposed to endophagous.
The act of one embryo cannibalizing another for food in utero; at present only known to be in some species of sharks.
endoophage, endoophagous, endoophagy
A reference to insect larvae that hatch from eggs deposited within host eggs and feed upon the contents of those eggs.
endophage, endophagous, endophagy
Feeding from within the food source.
entomophaga (s) (noun), entomophagas (pl)
1. One of a group of hymenopterous, or winged, insects whose larvae feed parasitically upon living insects.
2. A group of edentates, including the ant-eaters.
3. A group of marsupials which are partly insectivorous; such as, the opossum.
entomophagous (adjective), more entomophagous, most entomophagous
Referring to eating or feeding on or the consumption of insects: Birds are the primary entomophagous creatures.

A duplicate term for entomophagous is "insectivorous".

erythrophagous, erythrophage, erythrophagy
Phagocytic destruction of red blood cells.
A normal and proper manner of eating.
euryphagous, euryphage, euryphagy
1. Eating a wide variety of foods.
2. A description of organisms that feed on a variety of different things.
3. Utilizing or tolerant of a wide variety of foods or food species.
4. An antonym is stenophagous.
Cannibalism outside the tribe.
Feeding on, or eating, ants.

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