phago-, phag-, -phage, -phagi, -phagic, -phagically, -phagia, -phagism, -phagist, -phagic, -phagous, -phagy

(Greek: eat, eating; to consume, to ingest; relationship to eating or consumption by ingestion or engulfing)

microphagous, microphage, microphagic, microphagy
Feeding on relatively minute particles or on very small prey.
monophagism, monophagia, monophagous, monophagy
1. A desire for only one kind of food.
2. The eating of only one meal a day.
mycetophage, mycetophagous, mycetophagy
The eating of fungi.
mycophagy, mycophagous
The eating of fungi; especially, mushrooms.
A genus of animals; such as, the ant bear.
Myrmecophaga tridactyla
A large tropical American anteater having an elongated narrow snout, a long sticky tongue, three finger-toes, and a large shaggy tail.
myrmecophage (verb), myrmecophages; myrmecophaged; myrmecophaging
Eating or feeding on ants or termites.
An ant eater or myrmecophage is eating ants.
A myrmecophage, or ant eater, has found a good number of ants to eat.
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Anteaters; family of Neotropical insectivorous mammals (Edentata) containing a single terrestrial, and two mainly arboreal, species; head elongate, oral region tubular; teeth absent, tongue elongate, protrusible and sticky; forelimbs powerful with large claws for breaking open nests of ants and termites.
Feeding mainly or exclusively on ants or termites.
1. To eat or subsist on dead bodies; such as, carrion, by organisms or certain animals.
2. Feeding on dead material; saprophytic.

The term carrion refers to the decaying flesh of a dead body; rotten, filthy, etc.

Feeding on the flesh of dead animals (carrion) or other dead material by certain insects and some animals; saprophytic.
The consumption of dead plant materials
Feeding on dead plant material.
Feeding on dead plant material.
neuronophagous, neuronophage, neuronophagy
Phagocytosis of nerve cells.

The process by which a cell engulfs particles; such as, bacteria, other microorganisms, aged red blood cells, foreign matter, etc.

The principal phagocytes (cells that can engage in phagocytosis) include the neutrophils and monocytes; both of which refer to types of white blood cells.

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