ven-, vent-, veni-, ventu-

(Latin: come, coming)

1. Coming or occurring in advance of another thing.
2. Producing a sense of anticipation.
preventative (adjective), more preventative, most preventative
Relating to something that hinders or stops that which is bad from happening: Although preventative often refers to medicine, it can also used to talk about other things that someone tries to keep from existing.
1. An action or actions taken to stop someone from doing something or to prevent something from taking place.
2. An action or measure that makes it impossible or very difficult for someone to do a certain thing, or for something to happen.
1. The place of origin of something.
2. The source and ownership history of a work of art or literature, or of an archeological find.
3. Literally, “to come forth”.
Provenito in altum.
May He appear on high.

Motto of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.

1. That which comes in to one as a return from property or possessions; especially, of an extensive kind; income from any source (but especially when large and not directly earned).
2. The collective items or amounts that constitute an income; especially, that of a person having extensive landed possessions, a ruler, city, state, etc.
3. The annual income of a government or state, from all sources, out of which the public expenses are defrayed.
4. The department of the civil service that deals with the collection of national funds.
Semper ad eventum festinat.
He always hastens to the crisis.