ven-, vent-, veni-, ventu-

(Latin: come, coming)

1. Useful or suitable, because it makes things easier, is close by, or does not involve much effort or trouble.
2. Within easy reach; easily accessible; handy.
1. In a way that fits one’s purpose or desire.
2. With personal ease, facility, or comfort; readily; without trouble or difficulty.
A company of men or women living together in the discipline of a religious order and under one superior; a body of monks, friars, or nuns forming one local community. Also applied to a Buddhist or other non-Christian monastic institution.
1. A religious meeting or assembly of a private, clandestine, or illegal kind.
2. A meeting for the exercise of religion other than that which is sanctioned by the law.
1. The action of summoning an assembly.
2. An assembly or gathering of persons for some common object; especially, a formal assembly met for deliberation or legislation on important matters, ecclesiastical, political, or social.
conventional (adjective), more conventional, most conventional
Relating to something which is in accordance with what is generally done as established by social customs: While microwaves heat up food more quickly, most meals seem to taste better when they are cooked on a conventional stove.
Pertaining to the usual or traditional way of doing something.
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coven (s) (noun), covens (pl)
1. a group or an assembly of female sorcerers or those who had magical powers: "There was a coven of 13 witches who were meeting together."
2. Sometimes an insulting word for an unpleasant or evil-looking old woman: "There were those who considered Jim's neighbor to be a spiteful or overbearing old witch."
1. A mutual agreement between two or more persons to do or refrain from doing certain acts; a compact, contract, bargain; sometimes, the undertaking, pledge, or promise of one of the parties.
2. Applied to the engagement with God which is entered into by believers at their baptism, or admission into the visible church.