ven-, vent-, veni-, ventu-

(Latin: come, coming)

argumentum ab inconvenienti
An appeal based on the hardship or inconvenience involved.
atrioventricular (adjective)
Relating to both the atria (chambers) and the ventricles of the heart; especially, to a connecting conduction event or anatomic structure between the atria and ventricles (a chamber of the heart that receives blood from an atrium (heart chamber) and pumps it to the arteries): "The atrioventricular sections of the heart includes the upper chambers of he heart (atria) and the lower chamber of the heart (ventricles)."
The ratio of the breadth of the skull between the auricular points of the ear to its greatest breadth.
aventurous, adventurously, adventurousness
1. Prone to incur risk, venturesome, rashly daring, rash.
2. Given to, or having many adventures, enterprising, daring (without the idea of rashness).
1. A way of access or approach; a passage or path of entrance or exit.
2. The chief approach to a country-house, usually bordered by trees; hence, any broad roadway bordered or marked by trees or other objects at regular intervals.

Sometimes it refers to the trees alone, with tacit disregard for the road they overshadow.

3. A fine wide street; used especially, in the U.S.
The use of a chemical substance to forestall the contraction of a disease or to stop the progress of a disease.
circumvent (verb), circumvents; circumvented; circumventing
1. To find a way of avoiding restrictions imposed by a rule or law without actually breaking it: In order to avoid all the red tape involved in becoming a permanent immigrant as a single person, Grace simply married her boyfriend and therefore circumvented the usual process of being able to stay in Canada for a long time.
2. To anticipate and to counter someone’s plans: During the spelling bee in class, Doug circumvented it, or avoided it, by having to go to the bathroom just when it was his turn.
3. To encompass; literally, to enclose: In the movie, the Indians circumvented, or surrounded, the camp the settlers had set up. 
4. To get around a restriction or obstacle: The road was blocked by a fallen tree after the storm, but James knew a way to circumvent it by driving on another route.
A man is circumventing the custom guards as he sneaks behind the guard house
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A man is circumventing the custom guards by sneaking around the entrance gate.

To go around and gain an advantage by deception.
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To catch or to entrap.
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circumvention (s) (noun), circumventions (pl)
The action of overreaching, outwitting, or getting the better of anyone by craft or artifice.
A man is circumventing the his wife as he tries to sneak into his house.

A husband makes the supreme effort to avoid facing his wife after too much drinking and getting home long after he said he would.

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connivent (adjective)
1. A reference to being brought close together; arched inward so that the points meet; converging; in close contact but not fused; as, the connivent petals of a flower, wings of an insect, or folds of membrane in the human system, etc. 2. Descriptive of being willfully blind or tolerant of something that should not be.
3. In anatomy, the connivent valves are those wrinkles, cellules and vacuoles, which are found on the inside of the two intestines, ilium and jejunum.

Vacuoles are the spaces or cavities within a cell that function in digestion, storage, secretion, or excretion.

4. Referring to shutting the eyes and trying not to see something that a person doesn't really want to see.
contravene (verb), contravenes; contravened; contravening
1. To violate the prohibition or order of a law, treaty, or a code of conduct: Doug decided to contravene the teacher’s order not to copy from his neighbor’s test during the exam, and he got caught doing it!
2. To transgress or to actively go against the terms of a previous agreement, etc.: Tina’s parents told her to be home at 10 o’clock in the evening, but Tina decided to contravene, or to disobey her parents by staying out until midnight!
To oppose or to act against.
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convenance, convenances
1. Suitability; expediency; propriety.
2. The social proprieties or conventionalities.
3. That which is suitable, agreeable, or convenient.
convene (verb), convenes; convened; convening
1. To come or to meet together; especially, for a common purpose: The students convened in the auditorium to listen to a graduate of the school who is now an ambassador to France.
2. To assemble for united actions; to meet in a convention: The mayor of the city convened with some of the citizens in an effort to resolve a few issues regarding an increase in local taxes.
3. To associate with others in harmony with each other: A panel of employees was convened by the president of the company to review their profits and losses.
To come together for a public reason.
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1. The quality of being easy, useful, or of increasing comfort.
2. Personal comfort, or circumstances that promote someone’s personal comfort.
3. Something that makes life easier or more comfortable, especially a labor-saving device.
4. In the U.K., a lavatory, a euphemism for a public toilet.