vers-, vert-, -verse, -version, -version, -versation, -versal, -versary, -vert, vort-, vors-

(Latin: bend, turn)

conversable (adjective), more conversable, most conversable
1. Susceptible to take part in a discourse: Tim was new in class, but was quite conversable, sociable and agreeable with all the other students.
2. Capable of being chatted with or confabulated with: Litty Susi was now 2 years old and more conversable with small talk than when she was 1 year old.
conversably (adverb), more conversably, most conversably
Regarding how a person talks in a pleasant way: Linda was a person who could converseably chat with her friends about the latest fashions.
conversant (adjective), more conversant, most conversant
Characteristic of being familiar and experienced with or well-informed and up to date about someone or something: Jonathan appeared to be most conversant with the latest communications technology which resulted in his getting a better paying job.
Acquainted with; especially, because of experiences or studies.
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Familiar with from experience, the study of, or from being involved.
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conversion (s) (noun), conversions (pl)
1. A clear and decisive decision to adopt a different perspective, point of view, or a religious belief: After much thought and prayer, Eve was sure that her conversion to the new position in her company would result in a better future for her.
2. The accomplishment of a point or free throw in a sports activity; such as, American Football: The team captain kicked the ball for the conversion, tying the game, 1 to 1.

Inter-related cross references involving word units meaning "bend, curve, turn": diversi-; diverticul-; flect-, flex-; gyro-; meand-; -plex; streph-; stroph-; tors-; tropo-; verg-; volv-.