vers-, vert-, -verse, -version, -version, -versation, -versal, -versary, -vert, vort-, vors-

(Latin: bend, turn)

reversion (ri VUHR zhuhn) (s) (noun), reversions (pl)
1. The return to a former situation, belief, or interest: The elderly couple prefer the reversion of walking after breakfast instead of after dinner, beause it turns dark so early in winter.
2. A going away or a turning in the opposite direction: Sally and her friends took the road through the forest and this reversion to the original route led them back to the city instead of towards their desired destination!
1. To return to a former state, condition, practice, subject, or belief; often one that may be perceived as less desirable or inferior.
2. To return to an earlier topic in the course of a discussion.
3. To return to a former pattern of behavior, usually something less acceptable.
4. In law, to return to the former owner or to the former owner's heirs with reference to money or property.
sacrovertebral (adjective), more sacrovertebral, most sacrovertebral
Referring to that part of the vertebral column immediately anterior to it or in front of it: As part of their written anatomy examination, the students were asked to compare and to contrast the sacrovertebral structures of males and females.
The change of a serologic test from negative to positive, indicating the development of antibodies in response to infection or immunisation.

The development of detectable antibodies in the blood directed against an infectious agent.

Following seroconversion, a person tests positive in tests based on the presence of antibodies

A loss in serological reactivity; may be spontaneous or in response to therapy.
1. Twisting or coiling counterclockwise.
2. A reference to or a description of plants growing growing upward in a spiral that turns from right to left; such as, a sinistrorse vine.
subversion (suhb VUHR zhuhn, suhb VUHR shuhn) (s) (noun), subversions (pl)
An action of trying to destroy a government or an established belief; especially, by attacking it indirectly in written material or other verbal expressions: The authorities claimed that the riots in the city were incited by the subversions of those who were accusing the mayor of planning to raise local taxes again.
subvert (verb), subverts; subverted; subverting
1. To secretly attempt to destroy or to undermine a government or a political system: Sometimes it is easier for a country to resist an attack from the outside than to survive from being subverted within its governing organization.
2. To make something weaker or less effective: A politician was accusing his opponent of trying to subvert the electoral system.
To undermine the allegiance of.
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To over turn or to overthrow; as, to subvert a government.
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