vers-, vert-, -verse, -version, -version, -versation, -versal, -versary, -vert, vort-, vors-

(Latin: bend, turn)

1. The microbial conversion of a chemical into a compound of economic importance, or the conversion of organic material into a source of energy, using biological processes or organisms.
2. Any of various processes that use plants or micro-organisms to change one form of energy into another form; such as, the fermentation of carbohydrates into alcohol; the digestion of organic wastes, or sewage, with micro-organisms to produce methane.
3. The conversion of biomass into usable energy; such as, by burning solid fuel for heat, by fermenting plant matter to produce liquid fuel, as ethanol, or by the bacterial decomposition of organic waste to produce methane.
1. The number and variety of organisms in a given locality, community, or ecosystem at a given time.
2. In different contexts it may denote: the number of different species present in a given environment (species diversity); the genetic diversity within a species (genetic diversity); the number of different ecosystems present in a given environment (ecological diversity).

High biodiversity is typical of complex and highly productive ecosystems; such as, tropical rain forests, where a small area can contain many different species of animals, plants, and other organisms.

Biodiversity is often used as an indicator of the health of such ecosystems.

buccoversion (s) (noun), buccoversions (pl)
The misplacement of a tooth from its normal line of occlusion or position, when the jaws are closed, towards the cheek.
controversial (adjective), more controversial, most controversial
1. Descriptive of a subject, opinion, or decision about which people disagree or do not approve of: For some, dinner table conversation about sports is often one of the most controversial subjects that can result in strong disagreements.
2. Provoking strong disagreement or disapproval: The candidate for mayor was advocating free clinics for those who were addictive to drugs, which developed into a lot of controversial opinions among the people in the town.
3. Enjoying or habitually engaging in disputes; especially, a public one between sides holding opposing views: The controversial subject of allowing farm fowl to live in the city resulted in groups aligning up on one side or the other to debate the topic.
Characteristic of arguments or disputes about things that people do not agree about.
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1. A disagreement about a contentious topic which is strongly felt or expressed by all of those who are concerned.
2. Relating to or causing much discussion, disagreement, or argument .
controversy (s) (noun), controversies (pl)
A dispute between people who can't agree with each other: The controversy between Tom's parents and him was about the curfew, or the time, that he had to be home in the evening.
A dispute, strife, or an argument.
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Inter-related cross references involving word units meaning "bend, curve, turn": diversi-; diverticul-; flect-, flex-; gyro-; meand-; -plex; streph-; stroph-; tors-; tropo-; verg-; volv-.