trans-, tran-, tra-

(Latin: across, through, over, beyond; on the far side of)

Don't confuse the tra- in this element with another tra- in "drag" or "draw". Trans- becomes tra- before the consonants -d, -j, -l, -m, -n, and -v.

The fraction of percentage of a particular frequency or wavelength of electronmagnetic radiation that passes through a substance without being absorbed or reflected.
1. A piece of broadcasting equipment that generates a radio-frequency wave, modulates it so that it carries a meaningful signal, and sends it out from an antenna.
2. In telecommunications, the part of a telephone that converts sound waves to electrical impulses.
3. One who, or that which, transmits; specifically, that portion of a telegraphic or telephonic instrument by means of which a message is sent; opposed to receiver.
4. A device that converts sound waves to electrical waves; such as, the microphone of a telephone.
5. A device used for the generation of signals of any type and form that are to be transmitted.

In radio and radar, it is that portion of the equipment that includes electronic circuits designed to generate, amplify, and shape the radio frequency energy that is delivered to the antenna where it is radiated out into space.

transmitting utility
A regulated entity that owns and maintains wires used to transmit wholesale power.
transmogrify (verb), transmogrifies; transmogrified; transmogrifying
To alter or to change into a completely different appearance or in a surprising manner: When Judy, the tomboy of her freshman class at college, came to the dance, she was completely transmogrified into a stunning and charming young lady!
To change, usually with in a ridiculous way.
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transmundane (adjective), more transmundane, most
Descriptive of something extending beyond this material world or beyond worldly considerations and concerns: One of the books Greg checked out from the library was about transmundane creatures which did not resemble anything on earth, but of a magical planet, and nothing he had ever imagined before.
Relating to existing beyond the visible or physical world.
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transmutation (s) (noun), transmutations (pl)
1. A complete change of the appearance, form, or nature of someone or something: Jim's ten-year old son is a transmutation of an amateur into a talented professional musician.

Ann's transmutations of sketches into works of outstanding art enticed many people to visit her exhibition.

More communities have successfully made transmutations of water power into electrical power.

2. The process of modifying a situation from one condition to another one: One example of transmutation can be when a person is having trouble making a final decision about how to accomplish an objective or how to get something done.
Having trouble trying to make up one's mind.
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transmute (verb), transmutes; transmuted; transmuting
To change in form, nature, or substance into something completely different.
transoceanic (adjective), more transoceanic, most transoceanic
1. Regarding something that is situated beyond, or on the other side of the ocean: The transoceanic territory of Guam belongs to the United States.
2. Concerning something that spans or crosses the ocean: The transoceanic flight, or specifically in this sentence, a transatlantic flight, from Frankfurt to Toronto takes about 7 hours.
transparence (s) (noun), transparences (pl)
transparency (s) (noun), transparencies (pl)
transparent (adjective), more transparent, most transparent