stato-, stat-, sta-, -static, -stasi, staso-, -stasis, -stasia, -stacy, -stitute, -stitution, -sist

(Latin: standing, to stay, to make firm, fixed; cause to stand, to put, to place, to put in place, to remain in place; to stand still)

resistant (adjective); more resistant, most resistant
1. Regarding something or someone that refuses to accept: Mary and Jill were very resistant to watching films that were full of crime, very aggressive, and bloody!
2. Descriptive of that which is immune to a chemical, disease, drug, etc.: The plant Jill had in her garden was quite resistant to destruction by aphids because she used ladybugs to feed on those pests!
3. Concerning the inadequacy in mixing with or soaking up something: The plastic jug Mary used was resistant to the heat in the microwave and did not melt at all!
resistantly (adverb); more resistantly, most resistantly
Descriptive of how something is acted on in a recalcitrant or contrary manner: Mrs. Talbot repeated resistantly that she would not spend her savings on buying a new car.
resistible (adjective); more resistible, most resistible
Concerning something or someone that can be withstood: Dorothy thought that the saleslady was quite resistible because she was so very unfriendly, and so Dorothy left the store and never went back again!
resistibly (adverb); more resistibly, most resistibly
Descriptive of how a person or something can hold out against something else or someone else: Jeff resistibly defied his parents and went out in the evening without their permission.
resistive (adjective); more resistive, most resistive
Concerning something that is able to withstand opposition: Old Mrs. Hathaway had her set ways and was resistive to having her daily routine altered in any way.
resistless (adjective); more resistless, most resistless
1. Pertaining to something or someone that is supine or lacking in energy: Jim was totally resistless and indifferent regarding their plans for vacation, so Nancy made the decision herself.
2. Concerning something which is overpowering: June was completely resistless when it came to eating ice cream and she just could't pass by an ice cream parlor without stopping and having some!
resistlessly (adverb); more resistlessly, most resistlessly
Referring to how something cannot be denied or opposed: Being an alcoholic, Sam was driven resistlessly towards the next glass of wine.
resistlessness (s) (noun) (no plural)
The condition of supineness or inactivity: Because of Jim's resistlessness, there was no way to convince him to go to the gym that day!
rest (s) (noun), rests (pl)
1. Cessation of work, exertion, or activity: The workers had a rest in the shade during their lunch.

Mildred went to her room for a rest after having a difficult day.
2. The part that is leftover after something has been removed; the remainder: The beginning of the film was boring, but the rest of it was interesting.
3. A interval in music to indicate a pause of silence: While practicing the new piece on the piano, Marilyn noticed that there was a quarter rest to observe in the treble clef.
4. An implement or object used to hold, to prop, to brace, or to sustain something: Lynn had a shoulder rest to use when she played the violin.
5. A situation in which something has been resolved: After the issue had been discussed in length, the chairman made a concluding remark that put the matter to rest.

rest (verb), rests; rested; resting
1. To stop an action, activity, work, etc.; to cease: After working in the garden for 3 hours that afternoon, Jenny really needed to rest before continuing.
2. To put into a state of inactivity: Because Jane's work was done for the day, she decided to rest, put her feet up, and do nothing else in the evening.
3. To remain or to be situated: The reason for the decision of staying home instead of going to the movies rested with Susan's mother.
4. To be situated; to be propped up; to lean: After walking so long Greg decided to rest against a nearby tree next to the path.
5. To slumber; to sleep: Little Susan's mother put her into bed to rest until the next morning.
6. To support the weight of something: She was resting her head on the comfy wingback chair when the doorbell rang.
restate (verb), restates; restated; restating
1. To repeat something exactly as before or to say the same thing differently: Because the students in Mrs. Smarts class didn't respond to her question, she restated it again, word for word.

The chairman of the committee restated his comment again at the end of the meeting and, in addition, emphasised the importance of the issue in detail.

restitute (verb), restitutes; restituted; restituting
1. To refund; repay: Tim asked his friend, "Please restitute the money I loaned you 2 weeks ago."
2. To renovate; to restore to a previous condition: The worn and frayed armchairs found in the old villa were restituted and looked new again!
restitution (s) (noun), restitutions (pl)
1. An amount of money paid as a reparation or compensation for injury or loss: Restitution or amends were important for Mrs. Smart because she was badly injured in a car accident.
2. The restoration of something: Because some of the kitchen appliances were damaged by the fire, restitution was necessary in order to have the stove and oven back in working condition.
3. The return of something to its rightful possessor: Upon restitution of the baseball to little Timmy, his sister Molly, who took the ball away from him, was scolded and sent to her room!
restive (adjective); more restive, most restive
1: Descriptive of someone who is uncontrollable, unruly, defiant, or unmanageable: Tom was characterized by his teacher as being restive because he was quarrelsome and stubborn in class and towards his classmates.
2. Pertaining to a horse which is unyielding, neither advancing nor moving backwards or sideways: David’s mare was evidently very restive, or very nervous, tense, and agitated, although he tried to sooth and comfort her.
Pertaining to being uneasy, resistant to discipline or instructions.
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Relating to being difficult to control because of impatience or nervousness.
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restively (adverb); more restively, most restively
Regarding how an individual acts in a balky, impatient, or jumpy way: Janet was pacing the room restively, anxiously waiting for an important phone call.

Related word families intertwined with "to place, placing, to put; to add; to stay; to attach" word units: fix-; pon-; prosth-; the-, thes-.