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impressive (adjective); more impressive, most impressive
Pertaining to something or someone that inspires awe, admiration, skill; stunning; breathtaking; grand: The speech that the principal, Mr. Stevens, gave at the ceremony was totally impressive, poignant, and produced a strong effect on the audience.
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impressive aphasia
1. Aphasia that is characterized by fluent but meaningless speech and severe impairment of the ability to understand spoken or written words.
2. Aphasia in which there is impairment in the comprehension of spoken and written words, associated with effortless, articulated, but paraphrastic (expressing the same message in different words), speech and writing.

Malformed words, substitute words, and neologisms (newly invented words) are characteristic. When severe, and speech is incomprehensible, it is called "jargon aphasia".

The patient often appears unaware of his deficit.

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