scopo-, scop-, scept-, skept-, -scope-, -scopy, -scopia, -scopic, -scopist

(Greek > Latin: see, view, sight, look, look at, examine, behold, consider)

pedoscope, pedoscopy
An x-ray machine for showing the fitting and movement of the feet inside shoes (formerly common in shoe shops).
Visual inspection of the pelvis.
An apparatus used to determine the precise contours of the pelvis radiologically.
percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) (s) (noun), percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomies (pl)
1. A method used for long-term tube feeding, in which a tube is inserted through the chest wall into the stomach under endoscopic guidance.
2. Artificial feeding through a tube passed through the skin into the stomach.

Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy is a surgical procedure for placing a feeding tube, but it does not necessitate doing an open laparotomy (operation on the abdomen).

The aim of PEG (as with any gastrostomy) is to feed those who can not normally swallow their food. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy may be done by a surgeon, otolaryngologist, or a gastroenterologist. It is usually done in a hospital or outpatient surgical facility.

See gavage for information about a similar procedure.

periscope (s) (noun), periscopes (pl)
1. An optical instrument that provides a view of an otherwise obstructed field.
2. A long tubular optical instrument; for example, on a submarine, that uses lenses, prisms, and mirrors to allow a viewer to see objects not in a direct line of sight.
3. An optical instrument for viewing objects that are above the level of direct sight or in an otherwise obstructed field of vision, consisting essentially of a tube with an arrangement of prisms or mirrors and, usually, lenses; used especially in submarines.
A man uses a periscope to see construction that is going on the other side of a wooden wall.
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A man is looking over a fence at the construction of an apartment building that is beginning in his neighborhood.

1. A reference to certain lenses in special microscopes, cameras, etc.; giving distinct vision obliquely, or all around, as well as, or instead of, in a direct line.
2. Periscopic spectacles, spectacles having concavo-convex or the convexo-concave lenses with a considerable curvature corresponding to that of the eye, to increase the distinctness of objects viewed obliquely.
3. A reference to periscopes or their uses.
A reference to certain lenses in special microscopes, cameras, etc. that give distinct vision obliquely, or all around, as well as, or instead of, in a direct line.
peroral endoscopy
Endoscopy performed by way of the mouth, as in esophagoscopy.
phacoidoscope, phacoscope
An instrument for viewing accommodative changes of the eye lens.
An instrument in the form of a dark chamber for observing the changes in the eye lens during accommodation (adjustment, especially that of the eye for various distances resulting in pupil constriction or dilatation).
An examination of the eye with a phacoscope.
The use of a lens which is used to concentrate the light from a lamp on the skin, so it is easier to examine lesions of the skin and subcutaneous (under the skin) tissues.
phantasmoscopy, phantasmoscopia
The delusion of seeing phantoms.
pharcidoscopia, pharkidoscopia
An obsession with looking for wrinkles; especially, on the face and neck.

Such wrinkles are undesirable because they represent aging and there are many who desire, and get, cosmetic surgery so they can appear more youthful.

Inspection of the rhinopharynx and posterior nares with a rhinoscopic mirror.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "appear, visible, visual, manifest, show, see, reveal, look": blep-; delo-; demonstra-; opt-; -orama; pare-; phanero-; phant-; pheno-; spec-; vela-, veal-; video-, visuo-.