pung-, punc-, punct-

(Latin: pungere, punctum to strike, to hit, to punch, to pierce, to puncture, to point, to sting, to bite; a dot, a mark; a point, a sharp point, a pinpoint)

These vocabulary roots have developed a confusing family of words which, on the surface, do not seem to be related; however, the entries in this unit really are derived from the roots and the meanings that appear in the headings of this unit.

puncture (s) (noun), punctures (pl)
puncture (verb), punctures; punctured; puncturing
pundigrion (s) (noun), pundigrions (pl)
A play on words; a pun.
pundonor (s) (noun), pundonors (pl)
A point of honor.
pungency (s) (noun), pungencies (pl)
1. A sharp acrid sensation affecting the organs of taste or smell.
2. A strong effect on the mind because of being clever and direct: The pungencies of the speaker caused many in the audience to think more than usual.
pungent (adjective), more pungent, most pungent
1. Descriptive of the powerful and intense smell or taste of something: The spaghetti sauce had a very pungent taste because of the amount of cumin and ginger which was added to it!
2. Pertaining to a vivid impression on the mind due to being bright and straightforward: Jane had very pungent memories of being on the farm in her childhood. The most moving recollection was being chased down the driveway by a cow when she was only three years old!
Referring to something that causes a sharp sensation; such as, a smell, taste, or feeling.
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punster (s) (noun), punsters (pl)
punt (s) (noun), punts (pl)
punt (verb), punts; punted; punting
punter (s) (noun), punters (pl)
pyropuncture (s) (noun), pyropunctures (pl)
Physical treatment by puncture of a body part with hot needles.
reappoint (verb), reappoints; reappointed; reappointing
reappointment (s) (noun), reappointments (pl)
renipuncture (s) (noun), renipunctures (pl)
repugnable (adjective), more repugnable, most repugnable
Subject to being opposed, contended against, or resisted: The outcome of the election was certainly repugnable, disputed, and challenged by the republican leader of the USA.

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "sour, sharp": acerb-; aceto-; acid-; acies- (not "sour"); acuto- (not "sour"); oxy-.