(Greek: around, enclosing, surrounding, about, near, close; often used as a prefix)

A careless or inaccurate delineation (representing, portraying, or describing, as by lines, diagrams, sketches, etc.) of anything.
perigyny, perigynous
1. Situated around the pistil or ovary: said of the stamens when growing upon some part surrounding the ovary (either the calyx, or the corolla, or the edge of the hollowed receptacle); also said of a flower in which the stamens are so placed.
2. Having sepals, petals, and stamens around the edge of a cuplike receptacle containing the ovary, as in flowers of the rose or cherry.
3. Of or being perigynous flower parts; such as, stamens, petals, etc., so arranged.
4. Anything surrounding a female reproductive organ.
5. Opposites of epigynous and hypogynous.
perihelion (s), perihelia (pl); perihelial
1. The point in the orbit of a planet or comet at which it is nearest to the sun.
2. The point nearest the sun in the orbit of a planet or other celestial body.
Surrounding the liver.
Relating to the perikaryon.
perikaryon (s), perikarya (pl)
1. The cytoplasm around the nucleus; such as, that of the cell body of nerve cells.
2. The body of the odontoblast, excluding the dentinal fiber.
3. The cell body of the nerve cell, as distinguished from its axon and dendrites.
4. The cell body of a neuron, containing the nucleus and organelles.
That point at which a spacecraft in lunar orbit is closest to the moon's center: applied especially if the spacecraft was launched from the moon.
1. The fluid in the space between the membranous and bony labyrinths of the inner ear.
2. The fluid which surrounds the membranous labyrinth of the internal ear, and separates it from the walls of the chambers in which the labyrinth lies.
3. The fluid contained within the osseus labyrinth, surrounding and protecting the membranous labyrinth.

Perilymph resembles extracellular fluid in composition (sodium salts are the predominate positive electrolyte) and, via the perilymphatic duct, is in continuity with cerebrospinal fluid.

Inflammation of the connective tissue around the mammary gland.
1. The border or outer boundary of a two-dimensional figure.
2. The length of such a boundary.
3. A line bounding or marking off an area.
4. The outermost limits.
5. Military: A fortified boundary that protects a troop position.
6. Ophthalmology: An instrument for determining the peripheral field of vision.
1. Of or relating to the perimetrium.
2. Of or relating to the circumference of any part or area.
3. Of or relating to perimetry.
4. Of, relating to, or surrounding the uterus.
perimetrical, perimetrically
Of or pertaining to the perimeter, or to perimetry; as, a perimetrical chart of the eye.
1. A localized inflammation of the tissues around the uterus.
2. Inflammation around the uterus.
perimorph, perimorphic, perimorphism, perimorphous
1. A mineral that encloses a different mineral.
2. A crystal of one mineral enclosing that of another mineral.
1. Surrounding a muscle or muscles.
2. Of or pertaining to the perimysium.

Related "around, round, surrounding" units: ambi-; ampho-; circ-; circum-; cyclo-, -cycle; gyro-.