(Greek: around, enclosing, surrounding, about, near, close; often used as a prefix)

Referring to the space around a bursa.

The bursa is a closed fluid-filled sac that functions to provide a gliding surface to reduce friction between tissues of the body. When the bursa becomes inflamed, the condition is known as bursitis.

pericaliceal (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to something located near or around the renal calix; pericalyceal: Dr. Madison told Jack that he had an pericaliceal infection, that meant that the infection was close to the conduits or passageways in the kidney.
Located around one or more canaliculi.
1. Around a capillary.
2. Surrounding capillaries.
Located near or around a renal glomerulus or the external renal capsule.
pericardectomy, pericardiectomy
Surgical excision of the pericardium.
1. Located around the heart or relating to or affecting the pericardium.
2. Surrounding the heart.
pericardiacophrenic, pericardiophrenic
Referring to the pericardium and the diaphragm.
Referring to the pericardium, the sac of fibrous tissue that surrounds the heart.

The inner surface of the pericardium is lined by a layer of flat cells (mesothelial cells). The pericardial sac normally contains a small amount of fluid which acts as a lubricant to allow normal heart movement within the chest.

A pericardial effusion refers to the presence of too much pericardial fluid, a serous fluid of a pale yellow color, within the pericardium.

pericardicentesis, pericardiocentesis
The procedure of removing fluid from the pericardium by puncturing its wall and aspiration.
The procedure of removing adhesions between the two layers of the pericardium or between the pericardium and the surrounding structures.
Inflammation of both the pericardium and adjoining structures in the mediastinum.
A reference to or involving pericardium and pleura.
A suturing of the pericardium.
pericardiostomy, pericardiotomy
A surgical incision of the pericardium.

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