(Greek: around, enclosing, surrounding, about, near, close; often used as a prefix)

Referring to or characterized by pericarditis.
Inflammation of the lining around the heart (the pericardium) causing chest pain and accumulation of fluid around the heart (pericardial effusion).
The conical sac of fibrous tissue that surrounds the heart and the roots of the great blood vessels.

The pericardium's outer coat (the parietal pericardium) is tough and thickened, loosely cloaks the heart, and is attached to the central part of the diaphragm and the back of the breastbone. Its inner coat (the visceral pericardium or epicardium) is double, with one layer closely adherent to the heart and the other lining the inner surface of the outer coat.

The intervening space between these layers is filled with pericardial fluid. This small amount of fluid acts as a lubricant to allow normal heart movement within the chest.

1. The wall of a ripened ovary; fruit wall.
2. A membranous structure surrounding the cystocarp of red algae.
3. The walls of a ripened ovary or fruit, sometimes consisting of three layers, the epicarp, mesocarp, and endocarp.
An alternate of pericarpic.
Of or pertaining to a pericarp.
pericaryon, perikaryon
1. The protoplasm surrounding the nucleus of a cell.
2. The cell body of a neuron.
Around the superior or inferior vena cava.
Surrounding or near the cecum.
Inflammation of the tissue adjacent to the cecum.
Surrounding a cell; such as, the pericellular lymph spaces surrounding ganglion cells.
Inflammation of the pericementum (periodontal ligament).
A reference to the perichondrium, a dense membrane composed of fibrous connective tissue that closely wraps all cartilage, except the cartilage in joints which is covered by a synovial membrane.
perichondrium (s), perichondria (pl)
The fibrous membrane of connective tissue covering the surface of cartilage except at the endings of joints.
1. A nerve cell in which the chromophil substance is scattered throughout the cytoplasm.
2. Denoting a nerve cell in which the chromophil substance, or stainable material, is scattered throughout the cytoplasm.

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