(Latin: a suffix; to act in a certain way; to treat in a certain way; to make into; to treat with; to do; to make; to cause)

These word entries are just a small listing of the many words that exist with the -ize endings; so, be aware that there are many more words with this suffix which exist in this lexicon.

Another closely related suffix family with the same meanings, but a different spelling, is located at this -ise unit.

To convert, or to adapt, a building or site to the use of solar energy.
stigmatize (verb), stigmatizes; stigmatized; stigmatizing
1. To accuse or to condemn openly or formally; to brand as disgraceful.
2. To label someone, or something, as socially unacceptable.
subsidize (verb), subsidizes; subsidized; subsidizing
1. To contribute money to somebody or something; especially, to give a government grant to a private company, an organization, or a charity to help it to continue to be active: The bill before the government was to end the policy which was subsidizing political parties with the use of tax payers' money.
2. To pay for a part of something or to reduce the cost of something by funding it with money: Because she was only working part time, Trudy was grateful that the city was subsidizing her rent for the first three months.
To support with a monetary contribution or to aid and to promote; such as, a private enterprise with public money.
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summarize (verb), summarizes; summarized; summarizing
1. To give a shortened version of something that has been said or written, stating its main points.
2. To give a recapitulation of the salient (prominent, worthy of note, pertinent, or relevant) facts; to recapitulate (repeat in a concise form), or review.
symbolize (verb), symbolizes; symbolized; symbolizing
1. To represent something by means of a symbol.
2. To express indirectly by an image, a form, a model, or to represent something: For many people, flowers symbolize love and affection for someone.
synthesize (verb), synthesizes; synthesized; synthesizing
To determine what happens when certain elements are combined: "Plants synthesize light, carbon dioxide, and water to produce food for all kinds of species; including animals, insects, and even humans during the process of photosynthesis."
temporize (verb), temporizes; temporized; temporizing
1. To adopt some course of action for the time or occasion; hence, to conform to a circumstance: Jane was quite willing to temporize in the study group at school, instead of working by herself, because that way she was sure to have better ideas for the project she was working on.
2. To act evasively in order to gain time, to avoid an argument, or to postpone a decision: The students in the class decided to temporize so their teacher, Mrs. Jones, wouldn’t be able have them do the vocabulary test on that day.
To avoid doing something at the time.
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terrorize (verb), terrorizes; terrorized; terrorizing
To fill or overwhelm with intimidation or fear.
In physics, to bring into thermal equilibrium with the environment.
tranquilize (verb), tranquilizes; tranquilized; tranquilizing
1. To calm or to relax someone by the use of a drug before or after a medical procedure: An aesthetic agent was used to tranquilize and to soothe Jane before her tooth was extracted by the dentist.

Fred's doctor tranquilized his son before the tonsil operation.

2. Etymology: from Latin trans-, "over, beyond" + quies, "rest, quiet."
To have a calming effect.
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traumatize, traumatizes; traumatized; traumatizing (verbs)
1. To cause a person to experience severe emotional shock or distress, often resulting in long-lasting psychological damage.
2. To cause physical injury to someone or something.
3. To wound or to injure (a tissue), as in a surgical operation.
4. To subject someone to psychological trauma.
1. To cause to become non secular.
2. To detach from secular things.
3. To alienate oneself from the world.